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  • Guitar lessons in Jakarta


    I am looking for a guitar teacher in Jakarta. I would appreciate any information about that. Thanks.

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    guitar teacher

    Hi I am an experienced guitar teacher from england, available to teach in jakarta. Please email me at. [email protected]


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      or you can come here.


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        Private Guitar Lessons (Professional Teaching!)

        Hello hello guitar for fun ... )
        Ridwan my profession as a professional musician, teacher and player. I teach Purwacaraka Private music studio and home. Being a guitar player or band in additional equipment also my activities, ranging from regular in the cafe, wedding, event, SAKTI band, additional player LentiQ band, Band JAVRES reage etc ... I pursue this profession from 2001 until now. For the background of my musical education, had at Yamaha Music Indonesia, Farabi, the Jakarta Arts Institute. My other music science of flight hours, the experience of performing, teaching experience.

        want to learn to explore the guitar but do not have time to go out the course, because time is busy and crowded, allow you to find your own time slot to schedule your lessons at home.

        time for private guitar lessons & Payment:
        1 month 4x meeting
        1x a week for 60 minute meeting, the fee paid perdatang / beginning of month / end of the month.
        Fee for the area (Cikarang) Rp 500.000, - / 4x meeting.
        Fee for (Jakarta - Jakarta) Rp 600.000, - s / d 2.000.000, - (In view remote location)

        The material I offer vary according to your needs 3 levels:

        Level I (Beginners):
        Fretboard diagrams, fingering, sight reading, introduction to the basic chord (triad chord), diatonic scales, sight reading in the form of songs, improvisation exercises, techniques and symbols on electric guitar game, song learning and analysis using the theories that have been learned.

        Level II (Intermediate):
        Sight reading, harmonization, chord progression, scales, licks, intervals, ear trining, improvisation, song learning and analysis to track your favorite guitarists.

        Level III (Advance):
        Scale, harmony, progression chords, ear training, improvisation, song learning and analysis.

        Best Regards
        Ridwan (Bro..)

        PIN: 276C6FBB
        021 92353218, 085692985718 (sms / call)
        ym: rhidwan_78
        facebook: #! /Video:


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          Hi...interested in learning Guitar

          hello brother..i shall be staying in Indonesia until March 2012..want to learn guitar from you...residing near Kuningan...kindly let me know your fees once more..i do not know any other musical instrument and i do not understand Bahasa...


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            guitar lesson are free on you tube ..., and the teachers are the most patient ever , and cater from total novices to expert.


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              Learn guitar the EASY and FUN and FAST way

              My advice is to first learn how to correctly put on the strings and tune up ...,

              [SIZE=5]- Then skip all the theory crap untill after you can play ...,

              [/SIZE]As for playing , just concentrate on ONLY learning 2 chords in your 1st 6 months or more -

              [SIZE=3]ie; the " [SIZE=4][SIZE=5][COLOR=#b22222]E[/COLOR][/SIZE] [/SIZE]" formation barre chord , and the [COLOR=#000000]"[/COLOR][COLOR=#b22222] [SIZE=5]A[/SIZE][/COLOR] " formation barre chord .

              [/SIZE]Learn these 2 easy chords first , and youve just learnt to play 24 chord formations instantly ..., and you will be playing most songs straight away , leaving your brain free to concentrate on your strumming ( which is the beat of the song ) and it will allow you get it consistant . Lets face it without the beat , you aint got a song.

              Once you can play a tune or a song , it will become soooo much more fun to play , and you can rock on with your friends.

              Remember you can even rock out on One chord !!!! ...., just as long as your strumming hand has a consistant beat to it .

              Your strumming hand supplying a constant rythm, is ; " the most important aspect of playing guitar " ,

              It is the difference between sounding good verses sounding crap, and being able to jam with others.
              Sooooooo - Learning these two barre Chords FIRST will enable you to get this consistant strumming sorted straight away , therefore rocking straight away .

              These two essential " Barre chords " are movable chords , that use the same fingering position "anywhere" on the fretboard .

              From these TWO BARRE CHORDS , you will learn what all the different chords sound like , you will develop a natural ear for the music and learn a rapid scence of rythm .

              From the Barre chord positions you will learn where most positions of lead guitar scales are meant to be played from, and their relation to the chords
              ....., and all other variations of the chords , ie; minor chords , 7th chords etc are usually just the difference of moving ONE finger .

              As you already know how to play the basic barre chord , you will only need to learn how to change the position of ONE FINGER , and instantly youve just to play TWELVE new chords ... How easy is that !!!
              This means you can play about a hundred chords with hardly any effort - try learning all those chords individually open style, itll take forever.

              So much is to be learned from those 2 barre chords ..., but most importantly is ,you will be rocking pretty much straight away and having fun ..., which is what its all about .Learning open chords and scales will seem like slow , boring mathematics lessons in comparison.

              Start rocking straight away and get that strumming hand working and going all the work , and save all that theory crap , and open chord untill after you know how to play.

              A word of Warning ; Learning this fast may cause you get over excited and smash your guitar in a crazed rock n roll frenzy.

              Note; Barre chords are also essential learning for jazz, classical ,folk and all other styles too.

              Chuck Berry The Ramones Rock and Roll and Barre Chords
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                There's a premiere music lesson studio for expats & international communities here. The place is called MUSIC TEMPLE, and they work with top international schools here such as JIS and AIS. They also have many adult students as well. Go to this website to find out more about them:


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                  I'm still hoping to find BANJO lessons, if that's possible ...


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                    Originally posted by Puspawarna View Post
                    I'm still hoping to find BANJO lessons, if that's possible ...
                    Why banjo? Did you grow up with country music or have a big fat crush on Banjo's player?


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                      Originally posted by ponyexpress View Post
                      Why banjo? Did you grow up with country music or have a big fat crush on Banjo's player?
                      I learned to play a tiny bit of banjo in my teens and 20s (in those ancient days we were quite taken with the banjo solo in "Deliverance"), so I brought a banjo into my marriage. It's been well cared for over the years, and my husband has suddenly decided he'd like to learn how to play. He's gotten new strings and fixed it up, and is trying to learn with assorted youtube videos and the like. But there is no substitute for a live teacher.


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                        Sorry no banjo! But guitar lessons available, all styles, all levels and all ages taught. [email protected]


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                          I'm not sure about a teacher or whatsoever. But I would be happy to jam with you or discover music together.

                          I'm currently staying at Rasuna area. But I only brought one set of gear with me to Jakarta, you would have to have your own guitar.

                          I'm currently getting into deeper into music theory like chord formation and scales/modes (no formal training .. just self-taught and internet).

                          Oh, and I don't really speak bahasa indonesia..



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                            Originally posted by soniawitte View Post

                            I am looking for a guitar teacher in Jakarta. I would appreciate any information about that. Thanks.
                            Guitar lesson in Private , Jakarta Indonesia. if you wanna learn guitar , classic - acoustic - electric , how about this link :




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                              Originally posted by soniawitte View Post

                              I am looking for a guitar teacher in Jakarta. I would appreciate any information about that. Thanks.
                              Dear Sir/Madam,
                              I can give you private guitar lesson, in the most simple and fun way. For more detail please contact me on 085280040231 (sms/call) or 081218712004 (whatsapp).