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    Originally posted by Chilled. View Post
    If you are taking it for group/portrait/everyday shots like your dad, the speed of the focus isnt too big a thing unless its excessive, then you need it looked at.

    Hows your photography coming along? Getting better shots?
    Thanks for your reply and interest Chilled!

    Well, I don't necessarily take group photos, could be because the opportunity hasn't come up yet, and/or I seemed to enjoy landscape/object photography more with maybe people as added 'objects'. As far as speed of the focus, maybe the Kitlens spoiled me a bit...its very responsive and feels agile to me (maybe that's one of the reasons why it's sold as a package/kit lens, it's ready to go and a good starter lens for sure).

    I think I get better shots...went to Australia last month, totally enjoyed it...(I'll post the pics in a few minutes in the photography thread..).