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Delicious SAMOSA - must try!

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  • Delicious SAMOSA - must try!

    Hi All,

    We are selling homemade, halal and no preservative samosa. Our samosa is an excellent company for your afternoon tea, regular snacks or to be served at parties. We make our samosas daily to maintain the freshness and taste.

    No preservative is added in our samosas since we need to make sure our samosa are safe to be eaten by kids. Moreover, all of our products are Halal.

    Previously, we usually make our samosas by order to our expat friends with repetitive orders. We then started to sell in a bazars/events in one of the apartments in Jakarta, which sold out on the first day!

    We would now like to offer our Samosas to this forum and hope that our samosa can also bring the same satisfaction to members of this forum.

    We sell the following products:

    Beef Samosa @ 10pcs : Rp120,000 --- consists of minced beef mixed with vegetable and spices

    Vegetable Samosa @ 10 pcs: Rp100,000 --- consists of mixed vegetable and potato

    How to order:
    1. Place your order via email to [email protected] or text message/whatsapp to 0812 9166 6863
    2. We provide delivery using JNE (next day arrival service) or if you are based in Jakarta you can choose delivery via GOJEK or GRAB.
    3. Once your order is confirmed, you may transfer the payment to our BCA account.
    4. We will process your order and send the samosa to your address.
    5. We look forward for your feedback. ??

    Grab them now, because one samosa is never enough to satisfy your hunger!
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    Are you an Indian?
    because I am an Indian and we Indians love to ear Samosa especially when its a rainy season or a rainy day.
    Lovely Recipe.