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What About Indonesian Food ?

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  • What About Indonesian Food ?

    hi, any body can help me, i need to know about u country all areas, i mean food travel, and all others

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    The only thing I know is that most Indonesians like spicy food , so if you don't , better ask : ini pedas ? (is this spicy ?)

    You can find a lot of information in the internet by looking for something like : tentang makanan Indonesia (about Indonesian food) . (Indonesian food) (100 recommended)

    If necessary , translate at Google Translate (Indonesian Culture)
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      Soto Betawi is delicious in Jakarta, the Mie Goerang at the night market in Sanur on Bali is fantastic, satay is good anywhere that the meat hasn't been festering in the sun for too long. Soto Ayam can be good in many places.
      But, IMO, Indonesian food gets worse the farther you go from the cities.