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Traditional food

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  • Traditional food

    Hey guys,
    Could you tell me some traditional food in Indonesia? I want to try all deliciouos dishes in your country ))
    Thanks a bunch
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    Try some foods with spicy, it is great...go to traditional market and you will find many traditional food, in Jogya you can find it in Pasar Beringharjo or if want in Relaxed Place you can visit other restaurant

    Try Nasi Goreng and Sate ..its great ...then you can try others


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      Search the internet for something like : makanan tradisional Indonesia , makanan khas Indonesia , traditional Indonesian food , ..

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        Can you give me some food's images in order that I can recognize them easilier?
        Thank you
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          if you like something spicy: You should try Nasi Padang
          if you like something mild: should try Gado gado


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            Thanks for your help. I'll try it
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              I would say that Food is a reflection of a country's rich culture and customs, and this is definitely the case in Indonesia. Many tourists want to eat something traditional in Indonesia. I want to say Indonesia has a great and amazing traditional food restaurants. Like Bunga Rampai, Merah Puth, Seribu Rasa, Abhayagiri restaurants. I'll personally prefer Seribu Rasa for the traditional food. The Seribu Rasa translates to a thousand flavors and this restaurant delivers just that. With a wide selection of traditional meals from Indonesia and Southeast Asia, enhances the taste of every meal with just the right herbs and spices. This is very amazing place for traditional food.


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                Hi there...😊 let me suggest just go to Jl.Jaksa & Kebon Sirih. There are many traditional food place.