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I need an opinion for a Bar in BSD

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  • I need an opinion for a Bar in BSD

    Hey guys, I want to create an establishment in BSD City. I would say, Qbig would be lovely. I need opinion, would you like to hang out at a bar that open only at 10AM to 10PM?
    What kind of beer would you guys like? What theme would you like?
    I would say industrial theme is working for me. What you say?

    Oh yeah, I am searching for investor to build this place too. So from you guys to you guys. I want to create a place where you guys can have a relaxing time, accompanied by a bottle of beer.
    Let me know.

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    Donít reckon big Q is a good location ...main draw is Lulu and thatís hardcore Halal from Dubai donít imagine many shoppers sneaking off for a crafty pint


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      Yes, it's Halal from Dubai or somewhere else. But, this place is destination mall, so I don't hope from any of them. Just think of it as, a place in need for, and a customer in need of place for. But, it's a good reminder. Any other opinion?


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        for me personally, 10pm is way too early to call it a night....