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  • Nice place to drink in Bogor


    While looking for Harleys, and unable to find it anymore (must have been shut down), I found this great new Bar / Cafe in the same area, it is called "Warcos" and I think it is worth sharing here.

    It is located on Jalan Pemuda (No. 22). When you drive down from Air Mancur, it is on the right hand side, approx 500m down from Air Mancur. They serve Bintang at very reasonable price of 20k / bottle and also sell it for take away. With all Mini- and Supermarkets now banned from selling beer, this is very valuable :-)

    The place itself is cozy with live music in the evening and even their food is nice, e.g. small really decent Spaghetti Aglio Olio for 19k.

    I hope it will stay and not get shut down by that islamist extremist Mayor Bima.

    Btw, if anybody knows what happened with Harleys and if they maybe have moved (again) to a new place, please post here. I used to like the place.