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Exodus 5 - 6 - 7 New at Kuningan City Mall

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    Originally posted by Tokek View Post
    I keep seeing the orange Smart car outside of Kuningan City with the Exodus markings on it. Cool car!
    Yup, that's Exodus' car

    By the way, last Saturday's Flight 567 was a success - the club was filled to the gills.

    ANTV did a piece that night as well


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      [SIZE=4]For those who missed ExodusAir Flight 567 Java Party was there...[/SIZE]

      [SIZE=4]So see you there this week...

      Be There or Be Square [/SIZE]


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        I see that the group behind the Stadium and the Maliboro are also financing Exodus?
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          Originally posted by lantern View Post
          I see that the group behind the Stadium and the Maliboro are also financing Exodus?
          Yep, the KING logo is the giveaway. :P

          Of course Exodus has an entirely different business model than the other clubs in the group.


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            HaHa. Well, looking at the 3 pics, there is a 'common theme'...
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              Originally posted by jstar View Post
              HaHa. Well, looking at the 3 pics, there is a 'common theme'...
              Yup, that be airlines...

              It was after all the Exodus flight 567 party



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                Well better late than never here's the video of Exodus Entertainment party Flight 567

                Exodus had a great Grand Opening and its taking its place as a premier South Jakarta Entertainment spot.

                I'll share some other vids and pics later and especially Second Born Band - Up Close & Personal every Friday night - Truly a fun night as they mash up humor and music


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                  Hmmm, sound its interesting. Just keep rocking together. And have fun


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                    Tih, been ages since the last time I saw you here. Anyway, I went to the dining a few times and always loved it. Had some tasty Indonesian dish ikan something, I don’t remember the name. What I like best from the place is the spacious room with the wooden details and huge window overlooking the city. It’s really nice to sit by the window around 5-6pm and watch the sky change colors, romantic


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                      in case your venue needs a food photographer.. feel free to contact me.. my website is