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  • Wine

    Does anyone know of a decent wine shop with reasonable prices please. I used to be able to buy be able to buy a variety here but since the law on alcohol sale arrived it's diffucult.
    I can get it through the Supermarket "back door" for but it's now 500 000 Rp for a bottle of cheap Vin de Table that would go for peanuts elsewhere. Before I could get 3l of decent California/Australian Red etc for less than 300 000 Rp

    If not it looks like I'll have to bring it back from Bali next time I go again.

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    Connoiseur - Cilandak Town Square ( Next to J-Co donut)..variety of wines available. Price from 200k.
    Regards STT.
    PS: If typo, blame it on Apple and Samsung!


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      Thank you very much


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        "Vin de Table" at IDR 500K... buset!
        I don't know what would hurt me the most, drinking a "vin de table" or the abusive price for it?
        This law on alcohol duties is a real pain.


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          Both would hurt me for sure (my tongue and my pocket)... I have refused point blank to buy it off them. In spite of the recent world news it seems Capitalism or should that be Capitalisation still thrives!


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            I'm afraid it is not just the duty, I would probably cope with that, it is the fact that they are no longer allowed to put it on the supermarket shelves which creates the "black market" price I'm afraid.


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              Note that you guys are still lucky... Haven't seen a bottle of wine in Manado in any shops for ages! I can just dream about it...


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                Can you buy Natural Grape Juice (without preservatives) and yeast and a bottle to keep it all in for a while?