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LIST and REVIEW of Baking Ingredients and Equipment Stores in Indonesia

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  • LIST and REVIEW of Baking Ingredients and Equipment Stores in Indonesia

    whenever I moved to a new country, I have to check so many baking stores from a long list and half of it are a disappointment, total waste of my time.
    so here it is, baking stores addresses with personal reviews written by a person who packed up her bakeware and left her clothes whenever she has to move to another country

    PRICES: the more stars, the higher is the prices

    Toko Mira

    Hasyim Ashari Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari no. 9-B, Central Jakarta
    website : -

    review :
    not comfortable, not enough space to move around, NON Air conditioned/prices *
    personally, I dont like the shop but its the closest to where I lived and the cheapest for ingredients.
    its messy, small aisle, hot, staff are not helpful when the boss isn't there BUT prices is the lowest

    Expect to find a looot of baking equipments in piles, paper cups,cheap plastic toys decoration,cheap cookies cutter,decorating tips etc

    The baking ingredients is the cheapest compare to other shop I'm reviewing.
    Chocolate,fondant,butter,cheese (parmesan 1 kg 110.000 - not branded) If you are planning to buy ingredients in bulk and saving couple of dollars, this is the place.

    Toko Ani (baking equipments & ingredients)

    Jl. Gunung Sahari I No. 5, Central Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 4211286 - 425 3109 - 389 04460 / Fax: 021 421 1284
    website :

    review : comfortable stores, enough space to move around, Air conditioned/prices ***
    ani is the distributor for wilton bakeware in indonesia, expect to find a huge selection of wilton baking ingredients and equipment (by far this shop is the most well stocked for wilton brand in jakarta compare to others I'm reviewing)

    buttercream enthusiast can find a better selection for wilton decorating tips
    also good selection of food colors, oil based colors (for candy,chocolate),food color spray,powdered food colors, edible color markers etc

    fondant enthusiast, if you have a thick pocket and really care that much for wilton branded-imported bakeware, go for this shop.
    For cheaper options, go to titan


    Pantry Magic (baking equipments only)

    Jl. Kemang Raya 14B , South Jakarta 17230 (near macdonalds kemang)
    Telp. 021-7182573
    website :

    review :
    comfortable stores, big space to move around, Air conditioned/prices ****
    high quality comes with higher prices and the employee speaks english
    expect to find imported baking equipment (nicely designed) such as ramekins, pepper mills,silicon bakeware for cake pops,cast iron bakeware,kitchen aid brand etc

    Titan (baking equipments & ingredients)

    Jl. RS Fatmawati 22A, Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 769 2329 / Fax: 766 8137
    website :

    comfortable stores, enough space to move around, Air conditioned/prices **
    It was like shopping in a minimart, they even have a mini shopping cart. Check out the website to see whether they have what you are looking for.

    for fondant enthusiast, they have good selection of cheap fondant tools, price comparison with wilton tools is around 50-70% cheaper, quality is okayish but you have to ask for the price because they dont label it (no worries, no messing around or haggling, just get a bunch of stuff you want and they will check the prices with the cashier)

    anyone looking for chic cupcake tower (plastic-around Rp50.000) go there, now!
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    [SIZE=4]South Jakarta[/SIZE]

    Jl. RS Fatmawati no 22A
    Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta 12430
    Telp. 021-7692329 Fax 021-7668137

    Pantry Magic Indonesia

    Jl. Kemang Raya 14B , South Jakarta 17230

    Telp. 021-7182573

    Jl. R.S. Fatmawati No. 8 Blok A,South Jakarta.

    Telp: (021) 7200239 – 7246858

    Toko Ibu Sisca
    PD Jaya Pasar Mayestic, 1st Floor Blok E No. 15 - 18, South Jakarta.
    Phone: (021) 7267408 (utensils only)
    2nd floor South Skywalk No.S209, Pondok Indah Mall, South Jakarta.
    Phone: (021) 32361093 - 75920598

    Toko Merry

    Pasar Mayestik Lt.1 Blok I B18, South Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 7244718 - 7221785


    Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No.14C, South Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 7204039

    North Jakarta

    Kelapa Gading Square Blok B-17, North Jakarta 

    Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14340
Telp 021-4586 9850

    Toko Bluebell
    Kelapa Nias Raya (Pelepah Elok I) Blok GN1-35, North Jakarta 14250
Telp: (021) 4517082 – 4517083

    Jl. Muara Karang Raya No.23, North Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 6628757 / Fax: 6628758
    Central Jakarta
Toko Ani

    Jl. Gunung Sahari I No.5 Central Jakarta.

    Telp. 021-4211286, 021-4253109

    Toko Rossy

    Jl. Kaji No. 38A, Central Jakarta.
    Phone: (021) 632 1145 - 6321147 / Fax: 632 0078

    Toko Fortuna

    Jl. KH Zainul Arifin No.37A (Jl. Ketapang Raya)
Jakarta Pusat
Telp. 021-6322937, 021-6323089

    Restomart – Kitchen Superstore

    Gajah Mada Plaza Lt. III/9 Jl. Gajahmada No. 19-26 Central Jakarta
Telp: (021) 6336860 – 6336861


    for edible printer
Jl. Kaji No. 18B, Central Jakarta

    Telp: (021) 6325913, 6325917

    Toko Dharmaputra

    Jl. Tanah Abang III No.28G (corner of Tanah Abang III – Kesehatan Raya) Central Jakarta10160
Telp. 021-3861319, 021-3861320

    Toko ACC Senen
    Pasar Senen Blok III Lt. Dasar Los DD 8/9,Central Jakarta

    Telp: (021) 4210149

    Sinar Himalaya

    ITC Mangga Dua Lt.2 Blok A No.124 Central Jakarta

    Showroom Sinar Himalaya
Jl. P. Jayakarta 117 blok A no.8-11 Central Jakarta 10730
Telp: (021) 6599657
    West Jakarta
    Toko Triniti

    Jl. Raya Kembangan Blok A5
Puri Kembangan – West Jakarta

    Telp. 021-5825715

    Toko Tian Liong (utensils only)
    Tian Liong Building, Jl. Pancoran no.17-19, Glodok, West Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 649 7963, 639 1719, 629 0981 / Fax: (021) 659 7817, 630 5368.

    Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No.72, West Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 5872829 / Fax: 5872830
    EAST Jakarta
    Toko Cherri
    Jl Pondok Kelapa Raya Blok I 14 No. 3C, East Jakarta
    Phone: (021) 8656043


    Toko Cherry

    Ruko Sentra Eropa Blok B/27 Kota Wisata

    Telp: (021) 84935316
    Toko Mira

    Ruko Depok Mas B No.3
Jl. Raya Margonda No.42 Depok

    Telp: (021) 77203681

    Perumahan Bumi Satria Kencana
Jl. H. Noer Ali – Kalimalang, Bekasi
Telp: (021) 8840910

    Jl. Gedong Sawah 1 No.7 Bogor

    Telp: (0251) 8311436
    Toko Puspita
    Ruko Pasar Modern Blok R85-86 Sektor 1.2
    BSD – Serpong Tangerang
    Telp: (021) 53158366

    Toko First and First

    Ruko Modernland Cipondoh 
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Blok BR No.7 Tangerang
    Telp. 021-55748461, 021-55749014
Fax. 021-55748461

    Toko Vivi
Jl. Ki Samaun No.37 Tangerang

    Telp. 021-5521419

    Toko Sari Rossa
Jl. Hasyim Ashari No. 126 Cipondoh – Tangerang

    Telp. 021-5521236

    Toko Lowid’s

    Ruko Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9 Blok C No.5
 Bintaro Jaya

    Telp. 021-7451918, 021-7452248

    Toko Tania

    Melati Mas Square (next to Giant Melati Mas)

    Telp. 021-5384860

    Toko Laris
    Jl. Raya Boulevard AA3/9 Gading Serpong
    Telp. 021-5468843

    Kijang Mas

    Jl. Hariangbanga No.6 Bandung

    Telp: (022) 4235079


    Jl. Naripan No.52 Bandung

    Telp: (022) 4205278, 4231425

    Sinar Yong
    Jl.Kedungdoro No.24-26 Surabaya

    TBK delapan

Jl. Pucang Anom Timur No. 8 Surabaya
Tlp (031) 5015877, 5016789

Jl. Margorejo Indah XIV Blok C No.603 Surabaya
Telp: (031) 8472000

    Choco Palace

    Jl. Bratang Gede No.124 Surabaya

    Telp: (031) 5045706, 5040742

    Arlisa Amari

    Jl.Urip Sumoharjo No. 86 Surabaya
    Telp: (031) 5341656

    UD Fenny

    Jl. Nakula No. 17 Denpasar – Bali

    Telp: (0361) 224160, 245455



    Jl. Gandekan Lor No. 86, Yogyakarta

    Telp: (0274) 512061


    Jl. Sultan Agung No. 67A, Yogyakarta

    Telp: (0274) 510376
    Toko Anggrek
Jl. Dempo Luar (Lingkaran I) No.97 Palembang

    Telp: (0711) 312657
    Toko Ratna
Jl. Samanhudi No.37 Gresik

    Telp: (031) 3982184


    Toko Lucia
JL. Kusumoyudan No.54, Solo

    Telp: (0271) 646838

    Toko Fortuna

    Jl. Veteran Selatan No.2, Semarang

    Telp: (024) 7611109

    UD Lusiana

    Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 59 Semarang
Telp: (024) 351 7888

    Sumber Wangi

    Jl. Mataram 914B Semarang

    Telp: (024) 8316201
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      hi, Meichmoi,
      wow , thank you for sharing these all useful info with us ...

      Do you have any info that where i could find Trehalose in Jakarta ?


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