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English-French-Indonesian person looking for a part-time job

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  • English-French-Indonesian person looking for a part-time job

    Dear all,

    I just found this forum by coincidence, and I thought that it would be nice to post my announcement here. Being able to speak three languages, I'm looking for a part-time job with one of these missions:
    - Translating or preparing documents into Indonesian (From English/French) or vice versa
    - Teaching or helping your children to understand Bahasa Indonesia, French or even helping them in math, or chemistry
    - Teaching Bahasa Indonesia to parents (please note that my "R" prononciation is not like other Indonesians, but I have taught Bahasa Indonesia to some of my friends when I was abroad and it worked very well). If it bothers you, then I can help you to improve your written skill in Indonesian
    -Teaching your children or yourself on how to cook simple Indonesian dishes

    For your information, I have lived in Europe for 3 years (as a student and I also had work experience there). Right now, I'm looking for a part-time/free-lance job to spend my time while searching for a "real job" that corresponds to my background (I don't post it here since it's related to health sector and I have less chance to get it by this forum). I get along with children very well since I already became a tutor in summer science class for children 4-8 years old when I was in Brussels. I speak English and French very well (with very good accent).

    If you are interested, Please do not hesitate to contact me via this forum and I'll give you my e-mail and phone number.

    Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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    hi I'm quite interesting your offer, how could I contact with you?


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      Hi pls send me an email we seek part time translator Indon to English and vice versa , via email . We need quick Ontime & accurate , for bi lingual magazine works. [email protected]


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        Dear Nheea,

        Is your offer still avalaible?
        I have studied French for quite three years now and need a private tutor to help me out for the final year exam. Seems like we have one thing in common already.. I got the "french tongue" too based on how I spell "R" sometimes haha. Not really sounding good when it comes to speaking Bahasa.

        Looking forward to your reply. Or should I consider sending you a PM ?