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Indonesian fluent in English and Dutch, understand French is seeking for seasonal job

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  • Indonesian fluent in English and Dutch, understand French is seeking for seasonal job

    Hallo everyone!

    I am Ferdian just turn 31 years old this month. Fluent in Dutch, English, Arabic and understanding French. Looking for seasonal job here in my birth town, Cilegon.
    I am in selling my land here in the town so to get things done i must wait for months, doing the sell is just simple and easy and that means i will have too many free time and i am a person who must do something keeping my self busy.

    I am in founding my own company in Sumatra. Our family company in Sumatra and here in Cilegon has been closed down since my Father retired from Krakatau Steel and since my Mother deceased. My vision for the future is having my own enterprise in various field of business.

    I also have background in hospitality, worked in "NH Grand Krasnapolsky" Spanish hotel chain back in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,"Sofitel" of French "Accor" in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the only Japanese luxurious hotel in Europe; "Hotel Okura", Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Studied Hospitality Management in The Netherlands.

    I am also a marketing person. Worked as Marketing Coordinator and Broker back in Bali for real estate company. And also a hobby photographer.

    My hobby is also cooking, tiding up, cleaning up, managing, serving, organizing, but some might call me a techno geek as well. As i love technology and engineering, this must came from my father and grand fathers as beside born and grown up in steel industry environment, Krakatau Steel, my grand fathers were entrepreneurs when they were lived.

    Art, beauty and nature are also part of my passion.

    So i am looking for any opportunity to help manage as personal assistant or just preparing breakfast, buying groceries, cleaning up living space, etc.. here around Cilegon and neighborhood. I am also a person who love to walk and for some Indonesian i am too European for them.

    So if you're interested in having my help, do not hesitate to contact me:

    e-mail: [email protected]
    phone and whatsapp : 081295799657
    I will give you my linkedin profile link through e-mail.

    Thank you for consideration and reading.
    Have a good day!

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