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    Hello, I am a Russian graduated doctor, specialized on ENT diseases, with 2 years experience of work. I am capable to speak Russian language( mother language), fluent English and Indonesian language on Indermediate 2 level.Looking for opputunity to work in Indo in medical branch..Does anyone have information about oppotunity for expats in this direction or have a good Lawyer who can help with regulations? I visited KKI (Konsil Kedokteran Indonesia) in Jakarta,went to WHO organisation but still didnt get proper information. Thank you.

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    You can be employed only by big hospitals, class A or B. Only specialists can be employed and a general requirement for expat workers is 5 years of experience minimum.
    In short, you have to prepare a lot of documents and get several recommendations, the most important is KKI recommendation and Ministry of Health recommendation.
    The recommendation is valid for 1 year and extendable one more.
    You should speak Bahasa Indonesia relatively fluently (proven with a certificate).


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      I agree with Centurion about the 5 years work experience . I think you would not have any chance with only 2 years work experience . And be informed that working in Indonesia without a Work Permit + a work KITAS is a crime (up to 5 years in jail + fine + deportation + black listing) .


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        Thank you so much for information.. i guess 5 years experience applies not only to doctors but for all specialist with diplom who looking for a job according to their specialization. Even i will find a employer i still can not pass this requirement(about 5 years), right? I mean if a employer can take responsibility.Or here there is no exception like that? Or if you married with WNI is there any indulgence?


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          Originally posted by DariaMSC View Post
          (1) ... i guess 5 years experience applies not only to doctors but for all specialist with diplom ...

          (2) Even i will find a employer i still can not pass this requirement(about 5 years), right? I mean if a employer can take responsibility ...

          (3) Or if you married with WNI is there any indulgence?

          (1) Correct . This is a requirement to get a Work Permit from the government's Manpower Department .

          (2) The employer cannot do anything legal about that .

          (3) In theory , foreigners married with Indonesians should have a different treatment , like : if you get an authorization from the Indonesian Medical Association or similar , and/or have your diploma recognized (I don't know the details) , you maybe could work in a small clinic owned by your Indonesian spouse (in this case you would not need a Work Permit) . There is already a Law giving more work privileges to foreigners married with Indonesians but the Regulations to implement this Law is not yet issued .

 (about legal work in Indonesia)

          Note : the 5 years work experience was specifically stated in a recent Regulation (PerMen no.16 , year 2015)

          http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...018#post246018 (no work permit for KITAS sponsored by Indonesian spouse , work in the wife's business??)


          (FROM : - meeting between officers of Manpower Department and the Association of Indonesians married with foreigners - situations that were considered acceptable to the Manpower officers)

          A) Holders of KITAS/KITAP sponsored by spouse are allowed to work in a PT company with IMTA .
          B) Foreigner workers cannot work in two different companies (the same profession or different) EXCEPT investor / commissioner of PT PMA companies (If one works in three companies the number of IMTA must also be 3).
          C) If the activities of the foreign worker are in more than 1 place / province then he/she must have inter-provincial IMTA .
          D) Case: Husband / wife of a mixed marriage with cuisine chef background want to open a small café, with a small seating area is classified as a small business and does not require IMTA. When this business grows crowded and large, than it is necessary to have operating permits from the relevant authorities . When the businesses becomes a legal entity, then this foreign worker must have IMTA.
          E) Case: Foreign husband of a mixed marriage is already retired. Enters Indonesia with VOA and becomes an investor in a hotel in Bali. Once in a while he does work behind the scenes such as checks on the financial control department. With such conditions, it means the husband has been conducting work in Indonesia and must have KITAS and IMTA, because even not all the time he is working .
          F) A foreigner in a mixed marriage with KITAS sponsored by wife. Working from home and having online businesses. Does not have an office and legal business such as PT or PMA. Because this foreigner is conducting work even though he only works online so this foreigner must have the IMTA. This foreigner also cannot sign work contracts in Indonesia on behalf of himself .
          G) A foreigner who works and own business as an acupuncturist, must obtain an official recommendation from the local health office before doing business and work activities. If already have a recommendation from the relevant authorities, the foreign must have the IMTA to be able to work in Indonesia .
          H) A foreigner holder of KITAS/KITAP sponsored by spouse is allowed to work in Indonesia. The need of IMTA is to be seen from what the job, workings for a legal entity or not, small or large business .


          Although the Immigration Act 6 of 2011 Article 61 states that the holder of a Limited Stay Permit and Permanent Stay Permit can work and/or do business to make ends meet for him/her and/ for his/her family, but still has to refer back to the Labour Law No. 13 year 2003 and Permenakertrans No. 12 year 2013, which essentially mean that a foreign worker in a mixed marriage is allowed to work without a work permit if in the informal sector, freelance or have a small business which is not a legal entity. When working in a legal entity then MUST have IMTA.

          Note : PMA = Work Permit


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            Waww..thank u so much for this detailed answer.Excellent!!! Now i m clear. Thank you for help onсe again and all the best!


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              Waww! Thank u so mush for so detailed answer! Now i m clear. Really appreciate for help.


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                I would suggest that besides considering a job in indonesia in your field, it would be the best option for you to go back to your home country and achieved for what you have studied so long, once you already achieved that you will have lots of opportunity around the globe,

                Thank you and sorry if i say something wrong,
                I wish you the best of luck,


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                  Yes its energy and time consuming process.. whatever i cant do anything if regulations like this. Unfortunately Russian specialist certificate is not recognized in other countries exept Indonesia and Malasia, thats the reason why i m curious about Indonesia Frankly - work in Russia in the medical field also not a sweet candy.