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Canadian Telecom Support Specialist Sr. for hire

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  • Canadian Telecom Support Specialist Sr. for hire

    Hi Everyone,

    Here I am, throwing a bottle in the sea here hoping it'll reach someone. So, I was wondering if anyone would have advise or the social network to help me out. I'm French Canadian Native Speaker but fluent in English as well, spoken and written.

    I work in Wireless Networking for a major Telecom in Canada as Senior Support Consultant for Enterprises. I specialize in Machine to Machine(M2M), Internet Of Things(IoT), Custom APNs support with single or multiple egresses/ingresses. I am Familiar with Cisco and Juniper Environments. I hold certifications on GSM, GPRS Signalling and GSM, UMTS and EPS Systems. I do Network Performance Intelligence Analysis mostly on Gi, Gn and SGi Interfaces. Network Coverage Statistic Analysis, Analyze Trace Sessions and work with VoLTE troubleshooting as well. I also work jointly with Project Management teams as Operational Stakeholder for new Project deployments... Currently working on PMBOK Certification on my spare time and I love DIY work on Home Improvements projects and electronic projects.

    I know Jasper Wireless recently set foot in Indonesia in Partnership with Telkomsel so I think this field will be rapidly expending if it hasn't already since the 2013 press release and I am also very familiar with Jasper Wireless's cloud-based devices platform.

    My Wife is Indonesian and we are both currently living in Montreal, Canada. We are looking to get back there so I'm not looking strictly in Jakarta but open to Brunei or within reasonable flight distance from Indonesia for Telecoms or Oil and Gas Industries. Therefor I'm looking for work as Support tech on Wireless Networks, M2M/IoT Project Management or Staff Management to name some.

    If you know someone who know someone, let me know...
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