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Experienced Native ESL teacher Looking for work.

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  • Experienced Native ESL teacher Looking for work.

    G'day all

    I introduced myself earlier in the 'noobie' section of these forums. It can't hurt to introduce myself again here. Heads up - it's a bit'o a copy and paste.

    [COLOR=#333333]I am a native born Australian teacher and have worked in excess of 5 years in Australia including; adult education, special needs, primary school, highschool and ESL. I have recently finished up working in the VERY remote Northern Territory where I was predominantly teaching ESL to local Aborigines. Whilst I majored in English in my 4 year Bachelor of Education degree, my passions lie in all things computing - coding, web design, animation, robotics and I consider myself more of an ICT/Coding teacher than an English teacher. With that said, I am more than capable of throwing my hat into any ring.

    [/COLOR]My ideal job would be the equivalent of a Head of Department (Computer Sciences) position; my role being to lead the development of an innovative computational based curriculum P-12. During my teaching career I have have developed and nurtured many relationships with curriculum developers. I would be keen to develop curriculum and bring new ideas to the table.

    [COLOR=#333333]As a result I am looking for job opportunities here and would appreciate any/all help that could be afforded me. Whether those opportunities are teaching, investment or other is fine by me.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]If you are interested in my curriculum vitae feel free to PM me.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Kind regards.[/COLOR]