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Seeking to relocate and work in jakarta

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  • Seeking to relocate and work in jakarta

    Hi all!
    I am partial indonesian( my mothers dad was from palembang and became a PR in singapore without giving up his citizenship in indonesia) I have some relatives staying in jakarta, i would love to really relocate and find a job in jakarta. Will it be easier to find a job if i am based in jakarta? And if so what kind of permit will i need to apply for? Really hoping to get more information as i am very very keen on moving to jakarta.

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    How you view your ethnicity is irrelevant; what passport you have will be the prime determinate of the ease of securing employment in Indonesia. Oh, and welcome to the Forum.


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      Non-Indonesian passport holders have a much more difficult time getting a job here. I do recall reading something about an upcoming change (ASEAN?) that might make it easier for residents of nearby countries, but I honestly don't recall any specifics.

      Let us know what you find out. Jakarta wouldn't be my first choce to work in. What industry are you looking at?
      Sasa Bule is having a bayi!