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Indonesian American Looking For Management Job in Asia Pacific

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  • Indonesian American Looking For Management Job in Asia Pacific

    I am Indonesian born American professional with over 15 years of enterprise experience providing proactive leadership to deliver business and technology growth in various industry including technology, transportation and healthcare industries. I have extensive experience managing complex and mission critical projects and has developed industry specific best practice project management strategies to preserve the integrity and stability of the information in a matrix organizational structure. In addition to being self-motivated with exceptional interpersonal skills, I am very comfortable leading cross-functional teams while communicating with stakeholders to provide accurate earned value reporting and information regarding ongoing projects and initiatives. I hold MBA and MSc degree along with Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certificate.

    [email protected]
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    What is your expected salary? And have you had any experiences working with NGO?


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      Sounds like he/she has such experience -- certainly has mastered the jargon.


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        Originally posted by Elizabeth-Madison View Post
        What is your expected salary?
        What sort of a bullshit question is that ?? He expects a thousand dollars a day - but what he will actually get is down to the potential employer as only you know the budget allocation for the position you seek to fill. Or are you budgeting for example $300 a day, but by asking him that question hope that the candidate will cut his own throat and suggest $200 thus saving the company a oner ??? Thats so slimey, if you really have a job for this guy and are not just pulling his chain, as an out of the box suggestion may i suggest you tell him how much the salary for the position is and allow him to decide whether its suitable or not for his needs.I hate this sort of question as it reminds me of the indonesians that say "up to you mister" when i ask the price of the goods they are selling, in the hope i am such a moron i will overpay them 3 times the actual price. In other words its a fuck over - exactly like you are trying to fuck over this guy by asking him what HIS expectations are.