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    Dear Human Resources Director or Hiring Manager:

    Attached hereto please find my Résumé / CV portfolio for your kind review and consideration.

    The broad professional experience and maturity that I have in Legal, Compliance, Risk Management, Government Relations & Public Service Administration, and in high level communications and liaison activities makes me an ideal candidate and perfect match for this position.

    • Impeccable command of the English language (native born U.S. citizen, educated in the U.S. by attendance of private “prep schools” and university.
    • Experience in writing, proofreading and editing correspondence and company communiqué (letters, memoranda, policy statements, e-mails, announcements, marketing or advertising materials, website content, etc).
    • 20 years professional experience in high level communication while working in government civil service, working with attorneys as a Paralegal; and in communicating with high level professionals, businessmen, and military personnel in the Washington, DC area.
    • Experience in Public Affairs, Public Relations, Public Speaking and Presentations.
    • Experience in high level communications and liaison activities.
    • I have experience working as a Corporate Secretary in South East Asia.
    • 24 years experience as a Paralegal / Legal Assistant.
    • 13 years in government Civil Service (public service) – tax administration, real property, public affairs and correspondence supervisor.
    • 20 years experience in real estate - real property sales & marketing (residential & commercial), REALTOR®

    I am an American citizen currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia (with my Indonesian wife) and am available for employment immediately (either as a local hire or as an expat). Note that pursuant to the new Indonesian Immigration law (UU 6 / 2011) a foreign national who has been married to an Indonesian for at least two years (such as myself) does not need a sponsor to work and is not necessarily employed in the context of the RPTKA/IMPTA process which only applies to “expatriate workers”. Under the new Immigration Law (see attached summary) I am not classified as an “expatriate worker” which is a very important distinction under the new law.

    In order to further assist you in placing me in a position with your company a more detailed narrative summary of my credentials and qualifications and a full cover letter may also be found at:

    In addition to, or in lieu of, professional references which I can also provide; below are links to my real estate websites for your convenience. Please see my client testimonials or endorsements page which speaks volumes for my professional character and abilities. Each of my websites below also provide an example of my knowledge in the real property sector; strong writing, research, public relations, marketing and presentation skills.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon to discuss consideration and placement for a position with your company or firm.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.



    Brian K. O'Malie
    REALTOR® ~ Paralegal ~ Notary Public
    Perumahan Bukit Sentul (Sentul City)
    Citeurep - Bogor 16810

    Telephone: +62.815.1000.8967 (Mobile)
    Skype: BrianOMalie
    e-mail: [email protected]
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    I apologise for detracting from your post, which is an advert for employment. If you wish you may ask the Mods to move this to a more appropriate thread.

    However, as you made the following statement in your linked blog regarding 'Owning property in Indonesia using a nominee" I have a question on that subject.

    To circumvent or get around the aforementioned laws, or as a "loophole"; a foreign investor can buy a property using an intermediary or "nominee" who then gives a power-of-attorney to the investor so that the investor can have all the rights as if he/she was the actual owner, and could re-sell the property, rent it out, etc, etc. By virtue of a contract agreement, monetary consideration, and an irrevocable power-of-attorney document between the foreign investor and the intermediary or Indonesian "nominee"; the foreign investor is in essence the actual and true owner of the property and is free to do with it as he deems fit, such as re-sell it later, sell off shares or interests in the property as sub tenants-in-common, or rent or lease out the property.

    There are a number of threads in this forum that question this 'circumvention' or 'loophole' of the Agrarian Hak Milik Law as being legal. The opined concensus is that a Constitution or Law cannot be circumvented by an irrevocable power-of-attorney document. If that is proved then this document becomes a useless piece of paper.

    Do you have any factual knowledge of this opinion being tested in court, or occasion where a nominee tried to obvert his sworn duty, and if so, what was the result?

    I have an interest in this as I would like to purchase but am wary of the complications...for example...if a nominee attempts absconding with the property and subsequently a Judge agrees with the power-of attorney document and releases the property back to the foreign investor, what title does he thus receive back?
    Hak Milik is not available to foreigners.


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      Do you speak Indonesian, fluently?


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        According to article 39d of Peraturan Pemerintah No.24 Year 1997, a Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah (PPAT = Land Title Issuing Officer) shall refuse to issue a title if "Salah satu pihak atau para pihak bertindak atas dasar suatu surat kuasa mutlak yang pada hakikatnya berisikan perbuatan hukum pemindahan hak..." Translation: "one of the parties or all parties are acting based on a kind of an absolute power-of-attorney which in essence contains a legal transfer of rights..."

        Read the original here (in Indonesian):

        I'm not saying that in practice a PPAT never issues such title (like everything in Indonesia there are always ways to convince him to do it). It simply means that any land title based on such absolute or irrevocable power-of-attorney is not legal.