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Please help me i need a job in indonesia i want to marrry my gal and settle with her.

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    thanks dear..


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      Originally posted by Lolita View Post
      OH MY DEAR GOD..

      you are really doing this for the sake of marrying your GF..
      wowww.... you are 1 in 1.000.000 guys in the world ya...

      just re-think again..
      there must be consequence(s) in every decision.
      just dont be regret at the end.
      Make us two!! i already proposed to my gf last Nov...had my 3rd visit already no solid work offer yet... am an English major with graduate studies on Special Education and an artist too!
      "The past cannot be changed,
      the future is still in your power."


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        Have a long term vision...


        Just had some overview on the thread....i would suggest you not to hurry...because carrier is most important both of you for now & future....u have many options like getting job in Spore or Malaysia or any near by region from there u or she can travel in weekends....need to wait till completion of her education as well ...and make sure her education or ur current job does not impact because of curiosity...

        Changing engineer profile to teaching may not better idea...

        Also u have short exp in Dubai and prior to that u hv frequent jumps...remember employer will look for stability...

        Good luck !!


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          To the original poster: You've got an engineering degree, which is very sought after in Indonesia. Try in Batam, there's a lot of companies like McDermott that need engineers.


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            Like Lolita advised, it's better to go to UAE as it's far more stable.
            Indonesia is not as only very few jos openings and most are opened from abroad. So contract are signed from headquarters.
            Even looking for a jobin the capital, Jakarta... Is not that easy. on the job board, u will notice some people with high qualification looking for in JKT, get no replies...

            People do not find jobs there in Jakarta or of course less in Aceh... Expats are TRANSFERRED to Indonesia. It is very different.
            Only top positions in senior managment with a truly exceptional and stable background will be transferred and assign for Jakarta.
            I am in hospitality and even this sector is not easy.

            I lived and spent few months several times in Indonesia. Some girls ( and even more ) play around and try to escape. So knowing, and get found trust in your relation is important. In Jakarta there are tons of professional girlfriends like to nowhere else on earth... Cautious is needed.
            I have myself spoken to many indonesian girls through some social network. After a few mails, many are very very ( and too ... ) easy. One things is sure... I have been offered to meet 4 girls in Jakarta, 3 in Bandung, 2 in Medan. Both different condition from high end exec to medium lower class. Many were quite loade with mails, busy skype etc...
            As i am open minded, some of them admitted they like to meet guys for fun, and hope for better life...

            I wish you luck and the best for the outcome of your relationship!

            So how well do you know her? As visa may be difficult for your passport, if u take care it's an option


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              I guess u r right, and many indian as wellin batam..........Drydocks is located there....

              Originally posted by jared1981 View Post
              To the original poster: You've got an engineering degree, which is very sought after in Indonesia. Try in Batam, there's a lot of companies like McDermott that need engineers.
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                my bbm pin


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                  Hi I am software engineer(Java Developer) from India and want to do job in Indonesia so can anybody help me for it?


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                    dear bro
                    iam from india u and me having same problm. am also have gal frm indonesia . am also want got job in there . still am searching job in there i would like to contact u now .dnt wry if ur free plz text me

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                      HIII FRNDZ
                      Iam moitheen v. iam frm india . iam finish my master degree(MBA) From bangalore university. i want got job in indonesia .so anybody can help me ........

                      my email :[email protected]

                      Hope to hear soon from your end with a positive reply.


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                        haii bro altakavir

                        plz give me ur contact num