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  • Cooperation request - Looking for Partner

    Good afternoon

    We are actively seeking a business partner in Indonesia.

    Business area: advertising and sales.

    The Business Map below provides a link to the entire business diagram. In Indonesia, we need to supply two points: a call center and a warehouse.

    Briefly according to the scheme:

    We have the opportunity to get Leads - local residents of Indonesia who interested in purchasing a some of product.

    Lead leaves a request on the website contact form. We have a name and a contact phone in the CRM system.

    What we need on the spot in the country:

    1. Call Leads: confirm his interest in acquiring goods, find out and enter in CRM address for delivery of goods.

    2. Send goods: by any POST OFFICE with COD service - collection of payment AFTER the delivery of goods (Cash-on-Delivery)

    To organize these two processes, we need a Partner.

    For operational communication, please leave your contact phone number and messenger.

    Ready to negotiate and provide the first volume of Leads at any time.




    Oriental-business (Skype)

    [email protected]

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    Welcome to make Money together!