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illooms LED balloons : investment opportunity

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  • illooms LED balloons : investment opportunity

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to share with you about an attractive investment opportunity with "huge" potential in the Indonesia market.

    My company PT Toko Pelangi Indah was founded in december 2009 and operates as a wholesaler & retailer of glass containers with various sizes & shapes which are used for : storage, as decoration or as gifts/souvenirs.
    PT Toko Pelangi Indah has been granted the exclusive distributor rights to sell illooms LED balloons in Indonesia : a global brand which has never been sold in this nation.
    My sales team already has contacted and introduced illooms to the 19 largest retail companies & party suppliers in Indonesia which total nearly 32,000 outlets across this nation.
    Currently my company is seeking investors who will provide sufficient funding in order to purchase "huge" quantities of the first-ever stock of various illooms models to be sold in Indonesia.

    Please check out the illooms Indonesia website and illooms international website :

    If this investment opportunity interests you, please contact me at : [email protected]


    Andy Tomcek
    Founder & CEO

    PT Toko Pelangi Indah
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