Thanks for looking at my add, must have got your attention yeah, this opportunity is very solid and it is in timber, decking in fact and it really doesn't matter if you don't know timber as I do, written 3 books and many years doing it, PNG / Aust and Indo Aust.

What matters is that it is secure and that there is very good returns taking less than 6 weeks to sell the product and return the principal and profits.

My name is Dean Richardson and I have been in Indo/Papua since 2015 and Jayapura from 2000 on, spent 25 years mining and timber import to Aust from PNG and now have started these things in Papua timber and gold ops and timber sales to Australia from Surabaya,

I have finished decking to go to market all organised with sales lined up, need to just raise 30 K USD to start and then other orders will be placed to follow on.

30 - 100 K req for the timber.

60 % net profit plus principal returned.

Very secure company to company and your with the 'expert'!

Please reply for further information. 0823 5906 0536 [email protected]


Dean J Richardson

Other than my timber knowledge I have also acquired great experience in Alluvial and some Hard – rock gold mining. During my 22 years in Papua New Guinea and also 3 years on Papua. I also developed many gold resources and designed an entire line of Alluvial gold mining equipment called Gold GEAR, which is now Gold GEAR International.

This tech I have continued to develop now in Indonesia for alluvial mining in Papua and also hardrock mining on Lombok, Sumbawa and really anywhere in Indonesia.

I have 3 different mercury and cyanide replacement small-scale technologies for hard rock sector and over 6 different units in the alluvial sector including my 20 m3 / 8” gold dredge.

I was looking at setting up manufacturing here in Indonesia, but have not been able to find a partner so at this point my tech and gold ops remains dormant.

Lots possible with gold, if you have an interest in doing something, possibly setting up a company to engage me or my equipment or even manufacturing here then by all means contact me.

Atb, Dean J Richardson - [email protected] 0823 5906 0536