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Need business partner and trucks for coal hauling

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  • Need business partner and trucks for coal hauling

    Hey there, I realize this would be a long shot, but here I am anyway.

    A little bit of a background story, I'm a bit of a business-slash-investment junkie, I first started investing in some random small local businesses 6 years ago. This was after I got fed up with Forex and stocks in general. I wanted to invest in something 'real' and physical, something that I could watch over and run for myself. Anyway, around 4 years ago, I started to delve into the mining and hauling industry, buying and selling gypsum, asphalt and the like, and started saving up to buy some used dump trucks. Fast forward to now, I am running this business full-time.

    To cut to the chase, now I have several PKP2B projects in Indonesia requiring dump trucks (specifically index 24 and above), mainly to transport coal from stockpile to jetty. PKP2B stands for Perjanjian Kerjasama Perusahaan" Batubara or, as it is in English, CCoW (Coal Contract of Work). CCoW is a contract between the Indonesian Government and and Indonesian incorporated company. This means that the project is government-regulated. There is only a handful of companies in Indonesia chosen for PKP2B.

    I myself have several dump trucks that are currently hard at work, but I don't have nearly enough to cover all the project offers that I receive. If you are interested in the mining industry and looking for a way in, or if you are looking for a large-scale business with a large profit margin, this is it. If you already have dump trucks, that is even better.

    By business partner, I mean I am looking for someone who wants to actually get involved in running such a business, you are more than welcome to visit the project sites with me. I strive to keep things transparent at all times. This is a serious offer.

    If you are interested, we can meet up and discuss things casually over coffee in Jakarta or Singapore, whichever you may prefer.

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    What is minimum capital you looking for?


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      All the small businesses I invest in are family enterprises.