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Doing Business in Indonesia(Charcoal especially)

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  • Doing Business in Indonesia(Charcoal especially)

    ***Advise from Indonesian Linking Agent

    The need of Coconut Charcoal and Tamarind Wood Charcoal especially from Arabian Countries are getting Bigger.

    Most of them are doing this importing from Indonesia because they do not have enough materials to produce their needs

    It is why then this business getting more interesting and increasing good hope for the producers in Indonesia especially

    But since the products are now have many producers, so they do competing by selling in very cheap price, it means they do decreasing cost of production to meet the cheapest one.

    Of course it will decrease the composition of coconut shell charcoal itself and then make the product become less and make it not easy to burn, or maybe the odor will be bad.

    So usually when some producers doing produce with very cheap one , it is useful for the buyers to check the composition in laboratory before dealing with one supplier

    There are so many producers who have good products but you have to always be careful with bad producers, because every country has their different own requirement for the charcoal

    That's also for other products, furniture especially because in wooden furniture there are so many things you should know about wood characteristic,supplier credibility,payment method and also many other things

    So before doing business with Indonesian please make sure that you are dealing with original Indonesians who originally warm,polite,with good manner

    It is typical Indonesian who doing business in smiling face,always shining and warm in every situation.

    So just come and enjoy your discovery to get mutual relation in Indonesia and do safe business with Indonesians

    Need advise?

    Just send message to my Whatsapp number +62 8122784 8066