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  • Looking For Something to be Sell from Indonesia?

    There many good places to visit in Indonesia, but there are some other goods to do for business here also....

    If you are now looking for an opportunity in Indonesia,especially to do simple trading that goods are from Indonesia, here some of commodities that you can do sourcing from around Indonesia with small capital.

    1. Wooden Furniture ( mostly the producers are from Java Island, Jepara, Solo, Klaten, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Sidoarjo etc), the goods that dominated for hot selling in European and other foreign countries are: teak wood furniture, gazebo, doors, laminated wood, mahogany wood furniture.

    2. Coconut Shell Charcoal : this product is newly developed in European countries and also in Middle East countries. Some of them using for Shisha and other for Barbeque because it is odorless and more efficiency.You can find the producers in Solo, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang etc.

    3. Bulk Hair : for fashion in Europe, and also in Turkey this product is famous in there. Indonesian bulk hair is great softer and easy to use. There some Korean manufacturer put their capital in this business around this country. The famous city where so many small producers from Purbalingga ( Central Java ). There so many producers with small and big capacity for all hair products as Hair bulk, Hair extension, eyelashes, and many others.

    4. Leather Golf Gloves : there are also some of this producers for this product with good quality, mostly for export only. The producers are in Yogyakarta, Surabaya.

    5. Marble and stone products as sinks, bath tube, garden lamps, flooring, wall cladding, stone fountains,statue and now is developing the product using cement to make it cheaper but still with stone ambiance. The products are available usually in Yogyakarta, Muntilan ( Central Java ), Tulungagung ( for marble )

    Lets do traveling and do sourcing to get directly to the suppliers and goods
    Just ask your interest and send your message

    Fast respond whatsapp/line: +6281227848066

    email : [email protected]

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    Maybe another goods option is Garment...

    and also copy paper A4 because there are some manufacturers here