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    I am looking for someone to invest in an online ecommerce system, which is currently 98% complete. The system is a cross between eBay and Shopify, and similar to lazada or Aliexpress, where Vendors can create a shop and sell products through a central system and multiple other outlets, but with unique features that will make it easier for retailers to extend their marketing to new levels. I am initially focusing on B2B as a main revenue source expanding later to B2C sales. I have spent a significant amount so far on development, and as my own resources are dwindling, need a further financial assistance to launch the system as well as a budget for marketing,

    The system deals with online services and recurring payments from Vendors and percentage of each product sold, which means there is no product handling and customer support minimised through B2B retailers only. Each retailer has the opportunity of creating multiple sites in seconds, which can be given to re-sellers or used for expanding a network of shops worldwide by city and country, this is one of the unique features that will both help retailers expand as well as ourselves. We already have over a million products which come from various online suppliers, so the launch will look like a mature site from day one.

    I do have a hotel here but was financed through previous online successes, which is where my core skills have been for the past 15 years. So now returning to what i do best, after two years of development the system is in its final months of completion, and generate revenue through multiple sources. Currently i am looking for a minimum of $10,000 to complete the system with a budget for marketing, with an expected return within 3 months after launch. The site is expected to go live in 2 months time, which will enable anyone to see some of the unique concepts that we are creating Ecommerce continues to be the largest growth area worldwide, but even more so throughout Asia.

    I am from the UK living in Indonesia and would be happy to chat to anyone who has an interest with online businesses or just wish to make a secure investment for the future. My background from 1995 includes management of four previously successful online companies. If you would like more detail please contact me. [email protected]

    Please get in touch