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  • Partner for successful online ecommerce business

    I am looking for someone to help manage an ecommerce business in Indonesia, a background of working online in ecommerce, marketing or general Internet experience would be important, Investment is not a prerequisite but a show of commitment would be essential. Launching products for sale in Europe, ecigarettes, watches and bags, but also completing development on a major ecommerce platform. Please email for further details and contact info Robert [email protected]

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    Hello I'm interested in hearing more about what it is you require from a partner and your ideas for an e-commerce business and do you manufactur your own products and where do you ship from?


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      Hi Kevin, Thanks for responding, it was a shot in the dark really and difficult to know source of replies.

      In as short a way as possible will try to explain. Background online since 1995, sold last Internet business for 11 million UKP and built a hotel in Indonesia. (Thought this was going to be my retirement plan) turns out to be a headache, anyway miss the Internet and its route for revenue. So with previous contact in China with suppliers, is a distributor for various products, drop shipping. In particular 3000 E-Cigarettes and with the domain previously bought a while ago elektrikrokok com. He has also got a supply of watches, but primarily E-cigarettes is an amazing market here with little competition and is also compatible to launch in Malaysia, using more compatible localized payment solutions, shipping is direct from China, so no handling required. With these unique contacts intend to spread further afield into other countries using re sellers and taking a commission, rather than trying to manage the world its a much easier option and something i have done before, so more aware of the affiliates for expansion. This is followed with software that is 90% complete, which is an ecommerce store builder (something like Shopify) but overall concept much better and can focus again more into niche markets and works alongside the ecommerce shops i have where people can create a store to sell other shops products or sell products from our own database on Commission.
      Sorry this is as short as it gets, i have a full Bis plan for the ecommerce store builder, the shops for ecigarettes is more of a short term solution/quick cash, so i can afford to get development of the other completed.

      At the moment in Sukabumi and looking for a partner who can manage and run things, someone i can trust, not easy here. I am now 60, so have the ideas, expertise and the skills for marketing and success, but alas no longer the energy to be CEO of a fast growing company

      Anyway hopes this explains a bit more, my contact details are
      ​+62 81563382800 Landline +622666220003 if you would like a chat to know more, email is [email protected]


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        Hello Roberts, if you really interested in investing on some trading please contact me for further info. I have some information about forex and maybe become your side jobs on getting some money.
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          Originally posted by Carl_anderson View Post
          Hello Roberts, if you really interested in investing on some trading please contact me for further info. I have some information about forex and maybe become your side jobs on getting some money.
          FOREX is worse than gambling, VERY high risk to anyone wanting to dabble in this, i suggest put your money in a bank, invest in a stable company or for higher rewards in a business industry that you know with a startup


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