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Best Residential Land Investment in Indonesia

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  • Best Residential Land Investment in Indonesia

    Best Residential Land Investment in Indonesia

    Get in on the Ground Floor Now, Before Prices Start to Explode

    Residential land investment in Jakarta has been a smart way to invest, with land prices in the city now extremely valuable (but also now having reached a peak). So, if you missed out on the opportunity you've probably missed out on the best part of the game.

    So, how to rewind the clock and get in on the investment potential?, Well, invest in reasonably priced, affordable, land elsewhere in Indonesia where land prices are in the early stages of taking off.

    The area needs to be a recognised zone that's drawing attention. Its also important to get actual title to the land (so you have something to sell later), so make sure you target your investments at government approved, residential land, legally owned by the present owner.

    And there's no better place to look, right now, than "Batam island". Positioned close by Singapore (45 minutes by passenger ferry), it's an Indonesian tax free zone, and it's where the Jakarta developers are now moving into because of the investment potential.

    If the big boys are doing it, you can be sure there's a good reason why! And Batam residential land prices are already starting to take off.

    Fortunately, it's not too late to get in on the ground floor (well, as long as you don't wait much longer).

    Check out one of the best residential land investments current on offer (land already prepared/levelled with boundary walls/trees already installed/planted).

    Check out right now

    It's ready to build on (if you really want to max out the investment). But, if not, the land has large 3m deep reinforced concrete posts, fully walled out in-between, so your land can simply sit there, fully secure, until the price ripens (and we mean really ripens) and you simply sell on.

    The price per m2 (a fraction of what you will currently pay in Jakarta) is set to increase in Feb this year, to bring it into line with the 2016 price increase generally (unless you snap it up first!)

    When you read about the price at the site mentioned above/below, think what the equivalent Jakarta price is now - that will give you some idea of the substantial investment potential that's sitting here waiting right now.

    First come, first served