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For Sale Topcon's GTS-230W Series

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  • For Sale Topcon's GTS-230W Series

    We are wholesale dealer exporter and supplier of a wide product range of Surveying Instruments like transit theodolite, digital planimeter, levelling staves, drafting machine, drawing board stand, liquid prismatic compass, south total station NTS-350/350R series, plane table with accessories, GPS with altimeter, socket & screw type ranging rods steel, SETL digital theodolite - SDJ series, south electronic theodolite- ET ETL (reverse), survey compass with stand, drafting machine horizontal, tilting level, dumpy level, sokkia auto level models, nikon auto level, south auto level NL series, trimble auto level, TOP CON autolevel, digital techometer etc.CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected] CHAT: [email protected]con's GTS-230W Series are the World's First electronic total stations to feature wireless operation! Each model in this versatile lineup can handle all surveying and construction total station needs at a remarkably low price. Four levels of angular accuracy are available to suit any application. And the rugged, waterproof/dustproof design, (IP-66), will stand up to the harshest construction site environment.GTS-230W Series Features: * World's first wireless total station (no cable from instrument to data collector) * Large, easy-to-read screen * Expanded keyboardThe GTS-230W Series is loaded with standard features including a long life 10 hour NiMH battery, a "Point Guide Feature" to allow fast alignment in staking tasks, and a laser plummet to help make setup fast and easy. Even wireless operation is standard with the GTS-230W Series, so you don't have to worry about messy cables slowing you down! CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected] CHAT: [email protected]