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    [FONT=tahoma]We are The Image Consultancy based in Jakarta, Indonesia that offers soft skills coaching, and consultancy services for corporate, group, and private clients, covering personal developments and image branding areas such as: power dressing, grooming and styling, business/social etiquette, effective communications, presentations skills, and personalized color analysis.

    Now, we are currently looking for Learning and Development Manager to grow and develop career with us.

    Job Descriptions:
    - Plan, manage and monitor employee's training based on their needs
    - Develop training department according to company need, review performance and training program
    - Create training academy
    - Monitor and evaluate training programs
    - Monitor performance management system
    - Create training module
    - Deliver training
    - Tech savvy
    - Prepare, propose and control budget

    - Bachelor degree
    - A minimum of 3 years of experience in the area of learning and development position and 2 years experience in trainer
    - Involve in HR strategic planning
    - Strong communication skill, both in English (active) and Bahasa
    - Good leadership skill
    - Excellent in service
    - Tech savvy
    - Resilient and hard worker
    - Presentable, pleasant and neat appearance

    Should you interested, please kindly email your CV to bungalikesbunga(at)

    Thank you[/FONT]
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    Interesting. Especially the grooming, etiquette and color analysis. Many caucasians as clients? Are there in Asian people also 4 types? Or are they all autumn/winter?
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      Yes, this is interesting part that we can provide personal color analysis in Indonesia.
      My self is warm spring, many our clients are Caucasian and Asian. i would be glad if i can analyse you personally


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          @jstar: tempted to be analyzed personally?????

          OP, it sounds like a nice thing to do. i had a training from the office about how we should talk and dress etc... but in the end i realize, those kinda training are for the ones who are consider as "lacking of how to dress well and to behave"?
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            I think it is kind of funny, since RI and its central hub Jakarta, is one of the countries where the dress code is not that strong. (If you take out the 'no shorts no sandal regulation' for visitors at official institutions.) In any wedding reception or gathering you have the batik solution for the guys (just as on Fridays in the office). For the ladies it is somewhat more complicated I guess.

            Another example is short sleeved (summer) shirts for men; in many European countries that is a big no-no in formal business environments. Over here it's more; wear formal pants with belt and closed shoes and a short sleeved shirt and you're all set. Ties (and even jackets) you rarely see. In that aspect it's a bit like SoCal.

            So when do you expect formal attire? Well more when you meet other expats so if you have Japanese customers for instance, or for formal parties at an embassy. But even then, if you see some of the visitors you think; "hmm, I didn't have to dress up". And it is never a big deal.

            To bring a message across, in presentations etc., I do think there is a need for training. I have never worked for a larger company where they did not organize presentation techniques training sessions with tips and tricks on posture/movement/dresscode/...
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              Disclaimer: I know the OP
              Comments: I do think that in the service industry (banking, etc) where you deal with clients, this training is sorely needed. From what I can tell, it also teaches things like the effect of color, proper dress etiquettes (at least know it before you break it), the impact of dressing well, etc. I don't think you need everyone to dress formally, but at least get people to be more professional. God knows there's already a lack of professional attitude here in Indonesia, maybe a training about how to be a professional and how to dress professionally will get them to start thinking more about how to act professionally.


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                @Jstar: Yes it is, lack of knowing how to dress properly even for professional people in here. The professional one still feel don't like and don't have to wear tie and jacket. That is why we build this training and consultation in here to help Indonesia know what dos and don'ts such as for business attire (from top drawer until chill-out drawer), etiquette savvy, personal branding, body language, business entertainment and dining etiquette, networking and many others. So that we hope can make Indonesia growing and exist in the world.
                Next, we hope that we can conduct this training to government and institution aside from corporate and personal.

                Thanks Rabbit for give an additional comment. It's true, what we are wearing will impact our attitude and the way we work. If we wearing bottom drawer to come to the office or such as batik in Friday, the way we work on Friday is less productive than if we wearing formal dress on Monday for instance.
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