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Looking for an Indonesian sourcing agent (export)

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  • Looking for an Indonesian sourcing agent (export)

    I will be in Jakarta for 2 weeks from February 8. Looking for a Jakarta-based sourcing agent to find local manufacturers and distributors and import goods from Indonesia to the US. I am interested in hand crafted goods, such as masks, souvenirs, textile, etc, but will also consider other opportunities.

    I run a small business, so the initial shipment quantity won't be large - perhaps up to 100-500 items. If all goes well with the initial order, there will be larger orders in the future.

    Please PM me or reply in this thread if you are interested and let me know your hourly rate and/or commission if applicable.

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    May I suggest you cast your nets a little bit wider than Jakarta.
    A lot of the textiles are produced in Bandung & other cities.
    The traditional musical instruments (Angklung) are manufactured just down the road from us (in Bandung).
    Another usual souvenir is the puppet (Wayang golek)- again traditionally made here in Bandung.

    If you can find time to come to Bandung, my assistant says he is happy to source these for you.
    You can determine costs/ commissions with him- I'd guess he's just want basic expenses & commission- PM me if you are interested .
    Cicak Magnet


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      Thanks ba, I'll send you a PM


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        I will be visiting Pennsylvania USA in early may for a long holiday and business purposes. I have network for hand crafted goods or souvenirs in central java and for polo/t-shirt clothing in bandung.
        If you found a potential partnership interest with that, please pm me for further discussion.

        best regards.


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          Dear Kolyanych...,

          maybe you can visit & looking around at Central Java ( Jepara - Jogja - Solo ) there are many supplier ( manufacture & distributor ) for handcrafted & souvenir from wood - bamboo - leather...etc.....,
          for more & detail information you can contact me :
          by email at : [email protected]
          by Whats Apps at : +62 878 3230 2525
          by bbm at : 2b0b0244



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            If you need some handicrafts there are so many you can find in Yogyakarta.
            My client in USA Urban Home also finding goods all in Yogyakarta

            Need some information, you can contact me on
            Whatsapp : + 6281227848066
            BB : 5EA6F1FC


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              Hi, if you interest in apparel and textile business, i can help you with the suppliers in Tanah Abang, Jakarta. My wife currently running her own business with Tanah abang's suppliers. thank you


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                We deal in wood and oil


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                  [email protected]


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                    Hi Kolyanych, is this still open or not ?, I am experienced in this field for nearly 20 years and many factories mostly in Java island I knew their product, the person in charge including the owner and I know how to follow up order, negotiate price and selecting product by quality skill. And many of my client mostly from Westerners and Japan as well.. if you are interested please reach my email [email protected] .. thanks