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  • Private Teacher for Bahasa Indonesia

    I'm looking for a private teacher who can help my learning
    Bahasa Indonesia.

    I have studied myself for 2 months with several books but
    I feel I need to practice more under assistance of somebody.

    I want to get to the level where I could communicate with
    my local staffs on basic matters within 3-4 months.

    Since I'm working in the office in Jakarta Timur, I can not
    take daily lesson. I want to take lesson of 2 times a week
    after working hours and 2 hours per day.

    I perfer a person with good English because I'm still quite
    poor at Bahasa Indonesian.

    I have no idea on the salary level on this private lessons.
    So, please send me your CV to my email ([email protected])
    with your expected salary per week (4 hours).

    Looking forward to your help. Thank you.
    Underpromise, overdeliver...

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    Hi Steve.. I'd Like to help you. But, my english wasnt good enough. maybe we can learn about our language together.


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      if u have skype, i can help you FREE


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        Hi Steve, I just sent my resume to your email [email protected] Please check..


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          Have you found your private bahasa indonesia teacher for you? if not yet, please call or text me at 087885135564,thanks.


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            Private Lesson for Indonesian Language

            Dear Steve,

            I am not sure if you already have a private teacher for Indonesian language, but if you haven't found one, then I am surely available to fill in the position. My name is Riska Mirzalina, a native Indonesian, and I lived in United States before. At the moment, I live in South Jakarta and teaching private lesson for Business English communication (and ttly up for teaching Indonesian language as well and come to your place for session). Please kindly see my profile on

            NB: e-mail: [email protected]; Mobile: (62)82111988400