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    Good day everyone. My name is Tom, I'm the general manager for LearnInc Indonesia ( and currently I'm managing recruitment for multiple schools around Indonesia (Cambridge and iB). The following positions are available at multiple schools in Jakarta for the next academic year. (2019/2020)

    Expat Positions
    2 Chemistry Teachers
    1 Math Teacher
    1 Physics Teacher
    2 Business and Economics Teachers

    6 Mandarin Teachers (Chinese nationals preferred but Indonesians with experience may apply)

    Teachers should have a minimum 3 years experience and 2 references from previous employers. A minimum BA education in the subject is also required. (English Teachers applying, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA is acceptable with experiences to back it)

    All jobs are Primary/Secondary level and the schools are very reputable.

    Full working sponsorship will be provided by the schools and all contracted teachers will be fully with the school, LearnInc will have no involvement except to arrange the interview for candidates.

    Please submit your CV to [email protected] by 31st January 2019 with the position applied for as the title and a small introduction about yourself and your philosophy in teaching.

    Thank you and good luck.

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    Originally posted by Illuminasi View Post
    ... Teachers should have a minimum 3 years experience ...

    Could you explain why you require only 3 years minimum experience if the Indonesian Regulation requires 5 years minimum experience ?


    PerMen no.16 , year 2015
    Article 38
    To get an one year Work Permit the employer of the foreign worker must submit :
    a) Receipt of fee payment ,
    b) RPTKA [which is the Plan for Hiring Foreign Worker(s)]
    c) Copy of the foreign worker's passport ,
    d) photo of the foreign worker ,
    e) Name of the Indonesian trainee ,
    f) Copy of the college/university diploma of the foreign worker (must be related to the work to be done by the foreigner) ,
    g) Foreign worker's "Competence Certificate" or proof of minimum 5 years of work experience (related to the work to be done by the foreigner) ,
    h) Draft of the work contract ,
    i) Foreign worker insurance policy , and
    j) Authorized institution's recommendation , if necessary .

    Note : Not the official translation
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      My question continues the same , but there is a new Regulation now :

      Permen no.10 year 2018
      Article 5
      Foreign worker must :
      a. have education that is in accordance with the qualifications required for the work position ;
      b. have a competency certificate or have work experience of at least 5 (five) years in accordance with the qualifications required for the work position ;
      c. transfer his/her expertise to a designated Indonesian worker;
      d. have an Indonesian Tax Registration Number if to work for more than 6 (six) months; and
      e. have residency Visa/KITAS for work issued by the authorized agency.

      Note : not the official translation