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Co-Director Position at NGO(Bali, Jakarta, Medan)

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  • Co-Director Position at NGO(Bali, Jakarta, Medan)

    Volunteer with IHF Indonesia (Bali, Jakarta or Medan)


    You will have the exclusive opportunity to live and work in this diverse and beautiful country of Indonesia from the white sand beaches and spas in Bali, to working amongst the international financial and technological giants based in one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most vibrant cities of Jakarta, or between the jungles, lakes and volcanic mountains of Northern Sumatra and Medan. Volunteers have the option to complete their program at any of our IHF Education Centers located in Jakarta, Bali, and Medan.

    The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) has been active in Indonesia since 1984. Though each center has unique needs and challenges the primary goal of each is the same, to provide free supplementary education for children from economically underprivileged backgrounds. Volunteers who sign up to donate their time at one of our IHF Education Centers make a very real impact during their stay participating in any or all of the following local tasks:
    • Assist with our education programs teaching or supporting our English, Math and Computer classes
    • Organize special games, activities, and workshops for the children
    • Help improve our center by participating in small projects and repairs
    • Engage in a cultural exchange with the students and teachers at the center
    • Share your knowledge, skills and experience with the communities we serve through our community outreach projects
    • Support our local Indonesian teachers through both professional mentorship and social friendships cultivated
    Spend your free time exploring your surroundings; for more information on each center and what the location has to offer please explore our Tourism Guides below:

    IHF Medan Tourism Guide
    IHF Jakarta Tourism Guide
    IHF Bali Tourism Guide

    In addition to making a notable difference in the lives of children, you will:
    • Enhance your CV with international experience
    • Explore the natural beauty of Indonesia
    • Immerse yourself in local culture
    • Join a global network of IHF volunteers and alumni
    • Leave a Legacy by adding value to our center with your knowledge, skills and experience
    IHF is looking for volunteers who can commit at least two (2) weeks to our Legacy Program. Volunteers accepted to this program will have:
    • Confidence using the English language (both spoken and written)
    • An open-mind, with an interest in learning not just about the community, but from the community
    • Deep empathy for impoverished children and their communities
    • A commitment to our Core Values.
    Previous international travel and volunteer experience is a plus.

    Note: Volunteers need no prior experience teaching, but do need to have, patience, kindness, and a love of children. We provide all the necessary training, background, and supplies necessary for you to have meaningful interactions with the children and wider community.

    Program Options
    Volunteers interested in this program have several options:

    Legacy Traveler- You can volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours each day helping out with any of the local tasks above. The rest of your time is free to explore the incredible surroundings of our center.

    Legacy Volunteer- Add value to our NGO by volunteering for an additional 4 hours each day by working for one of our online teams and gaining practical experience in an NGO environment. IHF has no centralised administrative offices and so relies on volunteers coming to our centers to help manage and support our international activities.You will receive a certification on completion of your program, a letter of recommendation upon request, and qualify for a discounted rate for your stay. This role requires volunteers agree to make additional commitments for the duration of their stay and will have less time for tourism and personal activities. It is best suited to volunteers interested in gaining practical experience working for an International NGO.

    Legacy Specialist- Do you have any special skills or training which would be useful to the center, the community or the people we support? IHF is constantly looking for volunteers with expertise in medicine, engineering, construction etc; contact our volunteer team at [email protected] or visit the specialty volunteer page of our website here for more information. We have adjustable rates for volunteers willing to run professional legacy projects.

    At-Home Volunteers- Not sure if you are ready to travel and live as a volunteer at one of our centers? No problem! IHF is searching for At-Home Volunteers to support our mission remotely by committing 2-3 hours per week from their homes around the world. An At-Home volunteer should have access to a dependable computer, wifi connection, and experience with Google Suites applications is a plus.

    Program Cost
    - The fees associated with a volunteers stay vary depending on the number of hours they commit to IHF each day. All volunteers receive one day off per week to relax and explore the beautiful and culturally rich region.
    -Legacy Traveler- Those committing 4 hours per day for between 2 and 4 weeks will pay $200 USD per week.
    -Legacy Volunteer- Volunteers committing 8 hours per day for a minimum of 4 weeks will pay $100 USD per week.

    Accommodation and meals, prepared by a local community member, are included in this program. All program fees go towards supporting our centers, running our programs, and caring for our children. You’ll have a fabulous tourism experience whilst ensuring you are supporting a wonderful cause you’ll get to see with your own eyes.

    Not included are your travel costs to and from our IHF Center, immunizations, travel insurance, visa fees, and any spending money you wish to bring with you.

    Note: due to the nature of our work with children, should your application be accepted we do require a clean criminal background check which is less than 1 year old.

    IHF accepts Legacy volunteer applications on a rolling basis | Apply here

    To see what other volunteer opportunities we offer | Click here

    For more information |
    Our sponsorship-funded education programs in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia fund free school classes, taught by local teachers and international volunteers. IHF orphanages help vulnerable children, who have lost parents due to natural disaster, disease or abandonment because of financial hardship. Our Medical Sponsorship Program provides children living at our Orphanages with better medical and dental care.
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    Interested foreigners , be informed that there is no Indonesian Visa specifically to do volunteer work . If the NGO does not provide a normal Indonesian Work Visa , you yourself need to get a special authorization from the Indonesian Immigration to do volunteer work with other kind of visa . Use of an incorrect Indonesian Visa is considered a crime (see below) .

    UU6 - year 2011 (Immigration Law)
    Article 122
    Shall be punished with imprisonment of five (5) years and fined at most Rp500.000.000, 00 (five hundred million rupiah):

    a. any foreigner who deliberately misuse or engage in activities not in accordance with the intent and purpose of the Visa/Stay Permit given to him/her;

    b. ...