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  • Maths and Physics Teacher, Bogor

    Job Title: Maths and Physics High School Teacher

    Job Description: Teaching Maths and Physics across a mix of middle school and high school classes. Preparing students for the IGCSE examinations and, eventually the A Level examinations.

    Job Location: Bogor, West Java


    - Teaching Mathematics and Physics at the high school level (between 18-22 hours per week)

    - Responsibility for holding training and professional development

    - Leadership of in-school projects as required

    - Leadership of one extracurricular subject or school club if requested

    Required Qualifications/Skills:

    - Citizenship of India, Philippines, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada

    - Significant Maths and Physics teaching experience, preferably some of which is in Indonesia.

    - A suitable teaching qualification.

    - A bachelor’s or master’s degree.

    - A proven ability to work effectively as part of a school team and a genuine passion for teaching and learning

    - Experience of teaching in a Junior or Senior High School in an international or national plus school environment

    Salary Range:

    - Between 13 and 22 million per month (after tax) depending on experience and qualifications


    - Subsidized education may be made available to children

    - Health insurance is provided.

    - Visas and all costs associated with permitting are covered by the school.

    When the job begins:

    Starting in July 2012


    Please initially send your CV and a recent photograph to [email protected]. The recruitment process will later include reference checks and a demonstration lesson. We apologize, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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    Why is there a citizenship requirement?


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      Originally posted by lone_ranger View Post
      Why is there a citizenship requirement?
      These are the countries from which we have been able to successfully permit expatriates here in Bogor. If an applicant is from a different country, we could certainly look into the issue with our local immigration.


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        Originally posted by lone_ranger View Post
        Why is there a citizenship requirement?
        A foreign teacher who would teach in an international french school MUST be a french native speaker. He can't be german for example. You have to remember that a company can be granted an IMTA for a foreigner only if said foreigner has competences that an indonesian does not/can not have. If a german can teach science and math in french, then it means that an indonesian could also do it the same way. There is no reason to grant an IMTA to the company which would emply the german teacher. If speaking french as a native is mandatory, only native french speaker would qualify.

        Same apply for GeralD's case, however, I believe that there is a PerMen which lists the citizenship eligible and I believe that philippinos and Indian citizen are not normally included in the list. however, it often happens that Nakertrans and diknas close the eyes.


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          Thanks. My view was somewhat more simplistic. Said subject is Math/Physics, to be taught in English (I presume), and I can think of lots of other Commonwealth citizens, for instance, who should be able to teach Math/Physics in English. But you are right, India and the Phillipines should not strictly be in the list since English is generally a second language there (although spoken widely, which makes a big difference). Having said that one could equally hire a qualified South African, or Singaporean, or Malaysian, or even someone from Trinidad, etc to teach Math/Physics in English.

          * I wonder if New Zealanders aren't popular as Math/Physics teachers here.
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            Hi there do you still have available position ?