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  • Teaching Jobs Whispers....

    A thread for folk to share knowledge, rumours or whispers of jobs for teachers around Indonesia.

    *This is not a thread for Schools to advertise in.

    **Since this is a word of mouth thread, some of the information may not be 100% up to date or accurate. But we'll try our best.

    Yogyakarta International School, Indonesia needs the following teachers for August 2011:
    Early Childhood (3yr old - 5yr);
    Primary / Elementary (Grades 3-6), including a teaching Principal

    Medan International School, Indonesia requires the following teachers for a start end of July:
    Reception / Grade 1, IB PYP and international school experience preferred; ESL / EAL experience preferred; qualifications in Music, PE / Swimming, First Aid an advantage.
    Primary / Elementary (Grade 4 / 5) IB PYP and international school experience preferred; ESL/EAL experience preferred; qualifications in Music, PE/Swimming, First Aid an advantage.

    Sinarmas World (SWA) and Jakarta World Academies (JWA), Indonesia are seeking to fill the following positions for the 2011/12 school year:
    § Kindergarten 1 (4-5 yrs) SWA & JWA;
    § Kindergarten 2 (5-6 yrs) SWA & JWA;
    § Primary / Elementary ESL – SWA;
    § Nursery (2 - 3 yrs) – SWA;
    § Primary / Elementary Music & Movement - JWA/SWA across both campuses focus in Early Childhood;
    • Middle School Generalist;
    • MYP Coordinator;
    • Middle & High School ESL;
    • English IB DP/MYP;
    • Indonesian IB DP/MYP;
    • Chinese IB DP/MYP;
    • Mathematics IB DP/MYP;
    • Economics/Humanities IB DP/MYP;
    • Science – Biology/Chemistry or Physics IB DP/MYP;
    • Middle & High School IT – IB MYP

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    I know that my school in Batam is in need of teachers for at least next school year (July-June), possibly sooner. HR is really slow to respond, so keep probing! Ask for Ibu Santi.

    Sekolah Global Indo-Asia
    In assessing teacher qualifications for potential employment at our school the following criteria are considered.
    An initial degree in a general or specific subject area. Preference is given to the following academic training:
    Primary School, A teaching degree in elementary / primary education or a degree in the area of specialization with an education certification. PYP training and experience is preferred
    Secondary School, A degree in the subject area(s), and teacher certification required. IGCSE and/or A Level training and experience is preferred. Training in a second discipline will be highly regarded
    In addition, the following criteria are also considered:
    At least two years of successful full-time experience at an accredited primary or secondary school
    Demonstrates superior knowledge of subject area and can teach the subject at an appropriate level

    Current openings for July 2010
    Nursery Teacher (2-3 year old)
    Preschool Teacher
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Physical Education Early Childhood (2-6 year old)
    Lower Primary Teacher
    Music General Music Elementary
    Science-Grade 9 & 10 IGCSE Combined Science + Grade 8 General Science
    ICT Elementary Computer lab Teacher


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      Good thread, KW.

      I'm about to leave right now to go meet with some people that are building a new school in North Jakarta (or maybe West Jakarta). It sounds like they're looking to staff up for the 2011-2012 school year 'cause I think the school is set to open in August. I don't know much yet (my old principal left to go help start up this school, she's the one who asked me to come in today) but if it's promising, I'll post the details here.

      NB: Monday is one of my days off, so I'm not skipping work to go talk to a potential new employer! I'm a good employee, I swear!


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        from the New Zealand School's website....

        The minimum teaching requirements for NZIS include:

        A minimum of three years' recent full time teaching experience
        Previous overseas or International school experience is desirable
        A BA or equivalent degree
        A teaching credential
        Teaching couples welcome to apply
        For January 2011 Start:

        Senior Business Studies, state supporting subjects
        Primary Year Five
        For further information please email: [email protected].


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          BIS, Bintaro were looking for teachers but that may be out of date now.
          Worth checking their site.


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            from their website, closing date for applications was almost a month ago. But you never know your luck... they have a very long list. But also I think you'll find that they tend to only recruit from the fairs.

            The British International School
            We are recognised as a world leader in the education of children from Foundation Stage to the International Baccalaureate. With an attractive campus located on a modern green field site in the suburbs of Jakarta, the school is home to 1,300 students who enjoy exceptional modern facilities in a caring and holistic teaching environment.

            Complementing this exciting environment Jakarta and Indonesia offers diverse and life enriching ethnic, cultural and travel opportunities within its vast archipelago.

            We are currently looking to recruit key personnel and teachers in the following areas for August 2011.

            Primary School
            Deputy Head of Primary
            Heads of Key Stage
            Year Leaders
            Assistant Subject Leader
            KS1 & KS2 Class Teachers
            House Leaders

            Secondary School
            Heads of Key Stage
            Year Leaders
            University Guidance Counsellor
            TOK Coordinator
            English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Technology and Drama Teachers

            Whole School
            Trips Coordinator and PE Teacher
            Japanese & European MFL Teachers

            For suitable candidates, positions of
            responsibility may be available.

            To apply, you must complete the
            online application form and attach a
            CV with a letter of application. The
            online system is accessed by visiting

            For further information or queries,
            please contact Susan King on
            [email protected]

            Closing date:
            Thursday, 6th January 2011
            Interviews will be held in London
            w/c 24th January 2011, and
            Bangkok w/c 31st January 2011.



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              Good thread KW. I knew about the Medan one and think I'll look into the one in Yogja too. Isn't that quite a small international school or is it getting bigger does anyone know?
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              The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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                Another one I saw advertising was Bandung International School.

                School Wide Vacancies

                Definite Openings:

                Learning Technologies Coordinator – See pdf file for details
                (External candidates must be able to teach in one of the areas for which a vacancy exists or is tentative)
                Computer Studies Teacher - Grades 1 - 10; Possible IB ITGS
                Tentative openings:

                Classroom Music Teacher - Early Childhood through to Grade 10
                Secondary School
                It is usual for our faculty to teach in both the Middle and High School

                Definite openings:

                Vice Secondary Principal - See pdf file for details
                (External candidates must be able to teach in one of the areas for which a vacancy exists or is tentative)
                IB Diploma Coordinator - See pdf file for details
                (External candidates must be able to teach in one of the areas for which a vacancy exists or is tentative)
                IB History &/or IB English A2/B SL/HL with Secondary School Language Arts and some ESL &/or SOSE
                Chinese Language Teacher / Assistant
                We are looking for an Indonesian National to work closely with our Chinese Language teacher in the teaching of Chinese Language and Culture from Grades 5 – 12 (including IBDP). This vacancy must be filled as soon as possible – an excellent opportunity to work in an established programme with a Master Teacher native speaker of Chinese. Salary will be dependent on qualifications and previous experience.
                Tentative openings:

                IB Biology and Secondary School Science
                Preference will be given to candidates with proven IB experience. First-hand knowledge of online learning modes, such as VHS or Moodle, is desirable.

                Elementary School

                Tentative Openings:

                Grade 1 Classroom PYP Teacher
                Preference will be given to candidates with PYP training and experience.
                Please direct enquires or forward your CV and references along with a letter of application to the head of school, Mr Henri Bemelmans at

                BIS will be represented at the following two fairs:

                Search Associates - Sydney (January 4-7)
                Search Associates - Bangkok (January 9-12)
                Attendance at other recruitment fairs will depend on vacancies being posted.
                There is always interest in keeping on file the resumes of qualified and experienced applicants, even if we do not have a vacancy at posted at this time. Let us hear from you!
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                The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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                  Surabaya European School is advertising on They have 3 positions.
                  The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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                    Bandung is quite a decent sized and professional school.

                    The Yogja one is not in the same league, but that's not to say that it is not any good.


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                      Another is Dyatmika School, Bali.
                      Vacancies for July 2011

                      Please see below for the 4 vacancies for international teachers, across the school, for the upcoming school year starting in late July 2011.

                      Early Primary Teacher

                      We are seeking a fully qualified, experienced teacher to teach our 5 and 6 years olds in our 2 early primary classes. This is a full time teaching position with responsibility for teaching the curriculum in English and partnering closely with the Indonesian national teachers in both classes.

                      Contract until July 2013, renewable thereafter by mutual agreement.

                      Details of salary and benefits sent only to candidates who are short listed.

                      Minimum Qualifications:

                      3 years tertiary qualifications in Early Childhood/Primary Teaching
                      5 years teaching experience
                      It would also be an advantage to have:

                      Multicultural and/or bilingual experience
                      Some Indonesian language skills
                      Selection criteria:

                      A sound understanding of pedagogy
                      A high standard of teaching practice
                      A commitment to professional development
                      Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
                      An attitude of acceptance and respect for a diverse school culture
                      Experience in implementing change
                      Strong team player

                      Application process:

                      Please send a letter to include the following, not to exceed 4 pages:

                      CV, including a photo
                      a brief statement of your educational philosophy that includes addressing the criteria of this vacancy
                      names and contacts for 2 academic referees who can give a confidential reference (include telephone number and email address)

                      Please send your application to:

                      Ms. Katie Jones
                      Dyatmika School,
                      PO Box 3509,
                      DENPASAR 80035,
                      Bali, Indonesia

                      Email: [email protected]
                      FAX: + 62 361 461 874

                      Application deadline: Monday, February 7th 2011
                      The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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                        Does anyone know anything about Dyatmika School? I'd never heard of it until I saw it on TES.
                        The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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                          Excellent thread KW.
                          Thanks for it.


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                            I'd keep an eye on, they occasionally have openings for teachers posted.


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                              The meeting I had today seemed promising. I don't know anything about their staffing needs or salary/compensation package yet. Since they're a brand new school, there are no former/current employees to ask about the working conditions or payment rates.

                              We submitted our compensation request with their formal application package (Rp. 20-25 juta per month, free un-shared housing, transport as necessary, multi-entry visa, all school holidays as paid vacation time, annual plane ticket reimbursement of $1,500, annual bonus of one month salary at Christmas, health care, fully-paid immigration/tax/etc...) and there were no raised eyebrows or sighs of disbelief, so I'm thinking that's probably right around what they're willing to pay their expat teachers. (Or perhaps they were willing to pay more and I just undercut myself!)

                              I still want to know more about their academic plans and school structure, so it'll be a while before I'm willing to give it the SamanthaB seal of approval. (Plus, they haven't even made a formal offer of employment.) If I find out that they're looking to hire more expatriate teachers, and I think they're a school that's going to be on the up-and-up, I'll be sure to post it here.