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Apartment at Greenbay Pluit Condominium

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  • Apartment at Greenbay Pluit Condominium

    Hello all,

    I am a dutch national and rented a 3 bedroom apartment in greenbay pluit condomenium 119m2 6th floor.
    I have 2 children and i urgently was moving in lebaran time, which was horrible sice the management is on vacation.
    Things were not working in the apartment but are fixed. It was completely empty, but i bought 2 ac, table, had a second hand sofa and a salon table.
    I paid 70 million contract started from 15 june, empty. I could rent it out for 65 million. I paid 9 million for the 2 ac's still new. So i can sell that for 8 if someone's intereted or I will move it again.
    Service charge and deposit must be paid as well, since the service change has been paid for 5 months (the way they work here). Must be per 5 months.

    The main reason we are not happy here is the reason the international school here are all with lots of chinese and some 50% mandarin each day. So 4 hours school means 2 hours in mandarin and 2 hours in english.

    I have my reasons i did not want to and made a mistake living here.
    I would like to move to a house, since apartments are not for me and my kids. My kids are more happy in a house with own garden.

    I got permission of the owner to move and the agent that arranged this appartment knows about it.

    Any bids are welcome. But mostly an empty apartmentment this size here is around 90 - 85 million, you can check it at the many peoperti agents here around this apartment.

    You can contact me also at 081211693743