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Babysitter by hour (after school)

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  • Babysitter by hour (after school)

    Hey, I am Mei (like the month of May), and I am looking for hourly babysitting gigs.

    I am employed, a full time teacher aide at an international school here, and I am available to babysit your kids from 5 p.m. onward. Distance is just a number. I have my own vehicle (Motorbike).

    I can bring some activity for your kids according to their age group. I am able to babysit from babies as young as 3 months old.?*

    I cook, but I do not usually cook for kids. If you can explain me what to do and have all the ingredients set up, I am up for it.?*

    I will provide a thorough written report for you in the end of the day.?*

    I highly recommend for us to meet before the actual gig so I have the chance to meet the kids and see if they and you really like me.

    Send me a message for details. Thanks!
    [FONT=book antiqua]It's She Mei. Mei. Sounds like the month of May. [/FONT]