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  • Amazing Driver Available!

    Marius is a Christian, fluent English speaking driver that has worked for us for 2 years. He has literally been my right arm since I arrived in Jakarta. Aside from being a reliable, friendly driver, he was a great companion and assistant to have in Jakarta. From mapping navigation options and finding best traffic routes, helping me figure out the ways of Jakarta life, being my personal translator, managing household maintenance calls and schedules, running errands, and even helping me resolve other household staff issues, Marius has become essential to my life here. He has almost never called in sick, and is always available for late evening OT and all holidays. We pay him a handsome, above average driver salary, but he is worth it; as he is in a different league than the other 'typical' Jakarta drivers. He literally makes life here easier for us.
    Marius can be reached directly at: 0819 0893 5717
    For references : WhatsApp: +6281310977995 or [email protected].