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Looking for a preferred live in nanny/maid in BSD

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  • Looking for a preferred live in nanny/maid in BSD

    Good morning everyone! Thank you Living in Indonesia Forum for allowing me to post this.
    My maid/nanny after 6 years working with me has decided to go back to her village due to her family reason and I am looking for a new nanny/main again. I have got 1 from Yayasan but I am really not happy with her, I have asked for an exchange but not yet got any and time is up!
    So me and 2 sons (3&6 years old) are living in a small house in BSD area. The kids go to school until 11am (small one) and 2-3pm (the big one) so the maid/nanny can do the house work in the morning and take care the children in the afternoon. It is better if she can cook. If the nanny is really good but can?t do the housework then I might need to find another maid (not prefer as I had bad experience with handling the relationship between maids). I am a working mom so I really need someone honest, kind, love children, know how to take care of them and play with them, not just give them entertainment and leave them alone. I also need for long term work, not just temporary or short term.
    I can speak some Bahasa and my sons can use excellent Bahasa and English so English is a bonus, not a must. Travel might be required sometimes (not a must either).
    Salary is negotiable based on what she can do. Probation of 2 months might be required. Salary will be adjusted after probation and every year. Bonuses will be given based on her work in a specific period. Accommodation, food, all expenses will be covered.