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Excellent Housekeeper Available Immediately : Nini

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  • Excellent Housekeeper Available Immediately : Nini

    Nini worked for us for four years, from 2013 to 2017, in our house in Kemang Dalam, South Jakarta.

    She is very reliable, and never missed a day of work. Her demeanor is consistently cheerful and energetic. She is a hard worker, and able to get through the household chores very quickly.

    She watched over our two cats while we were away on frequent travels, and showed good initiative to take care of all household business and problems in our absence. She is good at supervising workmen, and at pointing out problems that need attention.

    She is scrupulously honest, and managed the kitchen accounts very well, taking care of local payments, other staff salaries, and occasional purchases and repairs for the house.

    Nini is very intelligent, quick to learn, and speaks English well. She has the potential to take on much more responsibility than we were able to give her.

    We can recommend Nini to you as an honest, reliable, hard-working housekeeper, and a good person. If you work with her to help her learn how you want things done, she will not disappoint you.

    Reach her directly at [email protected] or call her at 0813 1420 5547.