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  • English Speaking,Live Out,Part Time-Freelance Maid

    Have you ever feeling so tired to look at dirty laundry piling up and do not have much time to wash them all? or dirty dishes to do, or dirty floor to sweep? or do you just need time to relax and hang out with friends without worry about daily chores? Well, maybe you need a help from someone who will do the chores for you. So here I am, ready from 9 AM to 5 PM, (for now only ready at Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Will not mind to work at Sunday, but maybe with further discussion )

    Why do you have to contact me?

    First of all, is because you better spend your time to do any sports, read those books you never have time to read or learning other language or learning a new skill, rather than doing those boring never ending daily chores the other reason to contact me is because I will not mind to do your laundry, iron them and arrange it for you based on their color, or material if needed. I also will not mind to wash them by hand if they need special treatment, or when you accidentally pouring something on it. I also good at cleaning bathroom, pay attention to details. I love kids, and pet friendly.I am cheerful, honest, hard working, trustworthy, and the last, but not least, I work to help you, not to add any other stress to your life. The thing I am not good at is cooking. I will not mind to cook based on recipe, but there is no guarantee it will look as good as what you see on the recipe book, or Pinterest.

    Do you feel interested to hire me? You can send me a private message or simply call or text : +6281908042848 ( i am not using Android)



    P.S : I am 27, married, High School Graduate. Worked as a part time maid before for expats family, but cannot provide reference letter since I only worked as replacement maid during my whole career.

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    Are you Indonesian ?


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      Originally posted by marcus View Post
      Are you Indonesian ?
      yes, I am Indonesian. Is there anything I have to write to explain more about myself?