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  • Need an Experienced Baby Sitter?

    Hi, I’m Umi, a 47 year-old house wife of a small family. I live here in Bogor, West Java. I’d like to return to my former job as a professional baby sitter. This time I’d like to serve any expatriate family living around Bogor.

    FYI, I was engaged as a baby sitter for eleven years in Singapore and Hong Kong, respectively four years on a Chinese’s family and seven years on a Londoner’s family.

    In case you’re interested, firstly I’d like to serve your baby free of charge for a week (five days, eight hours a day), during which you could evaluate my performance, before you decide to hire me or not. After that, if you think I’m not someone you need to take care of your baby, then I’ll go away without any consequences. But if you’re sure that you need me, then we would discuss on my wages and related issues.

    I’m available any time at 085697001818.

    Umi Kudori