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Bringing an Indonesian Maid to Singapore

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  • Bringing an Indonesian Maid to Singapore

    Hi everyone,

    One of my friend is going to relocate to Singapore soon, she's going to bring her maid (live with her for about 7 years) to live with her and fam in Singapore.

    - Has anyone here ever did the same thing? Bringing an Indonesian maid to Singapore.
    - What are the requirements the maid needs to bring along beside the valid passport, NPWP and the approval from MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Singapore.
    - About passport, does it requires a different Indonesian Passport (some sort of passport to work)?? what the maid has now is the 48pages Indonesian Passport.

    She just getting worried that her maid may not be able to leave the country with the existing paperwork.

    appreciate any feedback.

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    I am concerned about this as well. Does anyone knows any advice or links that would help us on this?
    I heard that there a fees involved if we were to bring our maid overseas.
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