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looking for a house to rent in Bogor

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  • ilmysetya
    Hi Javier,

    I'm Ilmi, I work in a moving company (SRT MOVERS).
    feel free to contact me at [email protected] or Whatsapp 085648005239 if you need moving service.
    we provide international move service and local move as well.
    For more detail about our company, kindly please visit us on


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  • risvan87
    Hi, Javier..

    I'm Isvan, I have nice houses for rent and sale..
    First house @Halim, East Jakarta, close to toll gate and the airport, and easy commute.
    Second [email protected] Sentul, Bogor , close to the shopping mall and toll gate.
    you may contact me at # [email protected] or 082178026909

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  • Rederers
    Hi Javier,

    I'm Indonesian, lived in Tajur Bogor..
    Well i'm not an agent..
    But you can contact me if you need assistance, maybe we can be neighbour

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  • marcus
    At least here in Bandung (bigger than Bogor) , this kind of small house is very uncommon , but anyway , you can check "Real Estate Agents" at , and/or search the internet for "Kontrakan Rumah Kecil di Bogor" .

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  • Javier Davila
    started a topic looking for a house to rent in Bogor

    looking for a house to rent in Bogor

    Hi all,

    My name is Javier and I will be living in Bogor for the next 2 years with my wife and our new born baby.

    I am looking for a place to rent until end of December 2016 and If I am happy with the house I will take it for a minimum of 12 more months.

    If anyone has information regarding houses for rent in Bogor, I will like to be contacted.

    We are looking for a house with:

    An acceptable price
    Car park, if possible
    Fully furnished, if possible
    In the centre or close to the centre of Bogor
    1 or 2 rooms
    1 full bathroom and a second, if possible
    Hot water

    the usual I guess.

    If anybody can help it will be much appreciated.

    I already looked in rumah123 and found nothing close to what I am looking for.

    Thank you all