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    My good friend met a beautiful Chinese Indonesian woman in Manado and it appears their relationship is getting serious and towards marriage. He's an American in his 40's and she is in her 30's and he's talked much about her but there were a few things that he said that bothered me. First, she claimed she has only had one boyfriend in her life and broke up with him because she was "Christian" and he was Buddhist. He then showed me her Facebook page and how she loved to travel which he loves to do too. When I asked him who did she travel with to all these Asian countries and he said with her female friends. What raised yellow flags to me was that all her travel photos were solo photos and not one of her with her female companions. I thought that was strange as women love to take photos with their girlfriends. I did not tell him yet but I believe this woman is lying and was likely traveling with other men not girlfriends. I hope I am wrong but I believe this Chinese-Indonesian woman is a "Bule Chaser". I told him before he gets married to this woman to do a full background check on her and to hire a private investigator in the city where she lives in Manado. Does anyone know of a good private investigator in Manado?

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    Originally posted by columbo68 View Post
    ... Does anyone know of a good private investigator in Manado?

    I don't know any .

    Anyway I think it would be good to talk to some others . You can find others by searching the internet for something like : detektif, penyelidik swasta di Manado .


    I hope you don't mind commenting . In my view , almost everybody lies sometimes , so I see no problem if they just marry and if the marriage is not worth , just divorce (#) . If they intend to have children , just wait some years until both of them are prepared and trust each other .
    (#) except if your friend wants to marry a beautiful virgin and will be devastated if he has to divorce

    Looking at the divorce rate statistics , you may see that more and more couples are divorcing . In some countries around 50% of the marriages end up in divorce . So in my view you need to consider that the probablility of your friend's marriage to fail is big , regardless of anything .
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      My friend is American and has considerable assets. Divorce law in the USA usually favors a woman so a man that gets married needs to prudently prepare for divorce as you correctly mentioned 50% of marriages end in divorce. I told him a background check on his new love is being prudent and that he must also get a court-tested prenuptial agreement in the USA. People forget marriage is a business contract these days. He has to protect himself from "gold diggers". I had another friend that married a beautiful German girl and once she got her permanent American resident card she divorced him. The good news is that my friend agreed with me that he needs to be prudent and will take my advice.


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        Originally posted by columbo68 View Post
        ... People forget marriage is a business contract these days ...

        I would not say that but as a marriage is about a couple sharing a life together , including things related to money , then yes , a contract to put everything legally clear mainly when there is a big difference in money contributions between the two , is really important .

        We use to suggest a prenup/separated wealth in Indonesia too , for other reason than that . It is to allow the Indonesian spouse to maintain the right to buy all kind of Indonesian property (foreigners cannot have full ownership of any Indonesian property) .


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          Most commonly, though, private investigators charge an hourly rate. Depending on your location, complexity of the work and information of the private investigator, charges can range from $40 to over $100 per hour with the common somewhere around $50 an hour in the United States.