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    I'm looking for a shooting range when I can practice my air rifle In Jakarta area. The target area should be around 30 yards away.

    Where? and how much is the fee?

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    ugh, I was there at last time for 3 years ago, and I can't say you certainly


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      You may find something by searching the internet for something like :di mana klub airsoft gun di Jakarta

      If necessary , translate @Google Translate

      By the way do you know the Police Regulation about the use of airsoft guns ?



      1.) Airsoft Gun is only used for the purpose of reaction shooting sports - Article 4 paragraph (4) Perkapolri 8/2012 (Police's Regulation);

      2.) Airsoft Gun is only used at the location of the competition and training - Article 5 paragraph (3) Perkapolri 8/2012;

      3.) Requirements for having and / or using Airsoft Gun for sports purposes as follows: (Article 13 paragraph (1) Perkapolri 8/2012).
      a. have a shooting card membership card that is under the auspices of Perbakin;
      b. the lowest is 15 (fifteen) years and the highest is 65 (sixty five) years;
      c. physically and mentally healthy as evidenced by a Certificate from a Doctor and Psychologist; and
      d. have shooting skills as evidenced by a certificate issued by Pengakinv Perbakin

      4.) Must have ownership and use permits from Kapolda u.p. Dirintelkam with copies of the local police chief, with the requirements - Article 20 paragraph (2) Perkapolri 8/2012;

      5.) The use permit is valid for 1 (one) year from the date of issue and can be extended annually - Article 29 paragraph (9) Perkapolri 8/2012.