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Where to buy digital wall clock for dementia

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  • Where to buy digital wall clock for dementia


    I’m looking for a digital wall clock basically just like a photo below which contents day, date/month/year, and hour, but in Indonesian language and format.

    This one I found on Amazon, feature 8 languages, but not Indonesian unfortunately. I’ve tried Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and similar local online shops but nothing.

    Just wondering if anyone got any info where to buy anything like this, not necessarily exactly like this though. You could also drop me a valid link, that would be helpful.

    thanks in advance

    P.S. Can't upload a photo so I'll drop the link instead

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    I did find , but probably only in English (it doesn't inform the language option) :
    - (black frame , Rp1'462'000)

    - (white frame , Rp1'482'000)

    Other shop/manufacturer options : (157 suppliers - I guess they can delivery in Indonesia) (9 options) (one of the options) (@Lazada Malaysia , less than half of the Indonesian Lazada's price , but don't know if they can deliver in Indonesia) (Normal big digital clock)
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      Thanks for your links. But it's a mandatory to have Indonesian language as my mum doesn't speak English.
      It can be time consuming to ask each of those seller/manufacturer if their product has Indonesian format feature. So hopefully anyone who have bought in the past or know about this kind of clock could share the info.


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        Felicity , maybe you should think about other alternatives . For example , I found a smart-phone android application where a person cam ask for help from volunteers . I don't know exactly if this app works for Indonesians speakers and/or if it would work without video( which would require high speed internet connection) , but if it does this would be even more useful as your mother could not only ask the hours/day , but also ask about anything else .

        Be My Eyes - Helping the blind (reviews : 4.9)
        Lend your eyes to a blind person in need through a live video connection or be assisted by the network of sighted users.

        Be My Eyes is all about contributing and benefiting from small acts of kindness, so hop on board and get involved!

        Blind or visually impaired users can request help from a sighted volunteer, who will be notified on their phone. As soon as the first sighted user accepts the request for help, a live audio-video connection will be set up between the two parts. The sighted helper can now assist the blind or visually impaired, through the video connection from the blind or visually impaired user’s rear-facing camera.

        As a sighted user, you are part of the big Be My Eyes volunteer-network, so don’t worry about leaving a blind person hanging, if you are not able to answer a request. We will simply forward the request and find the next available volunteer.

        The blind or visually impaired person can need help with anything from knowing the expiry date on the milk, to making sure that their clothes match.

        Note: We encourage blind or visually impaired users to be patient, when making a request, because we rely on real people to help you. Most calls are answered within 60 seconds.

        - Live audio-video connection between blind or visually impaired and sighted users
        - Add the languages you speak in settings
        - An easy way to make a difference for blind or visually impaired people


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          Another idea is to have a normal clock + a big paper printed calendar where somebody would mark big Xs over the passed days , so your mother would know that the present day is the one just after the X marked days .


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            Thanks for your thoughtful ideas Marcus.
            About the technology, that's a big no I can be sure. To teach her something new even it's so simple (for us) would be so much challenging for her and me to assist.
            But nice info you gave me, I'll have a look for more alternative. Right now, I'm thinking to go to watch shop and maybe talk to the technician if they can create similar like what I'm looking for, only to modify in Indonesian language.