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Where to complain theft case inside the hotel room

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  • Where to complain theft case inside the hotel room

    Hi. I checked in at Rasuna Icon Hotel last Sept. 2. I placed my wallet inside my room on top of the cabinet because the Safe was not working. When I went back in the evening, my wallet was gone. I complained to the hotel management but no investigation with the housekeeper was done. The CCTV footage showed that only the housekeeper went to the area where my hotel room was located. How do I get in touch with the business owner? Where can I file a complaint against this hotel? Thank you.

    I saw other cases of robbery in the hotel:
    Tripadvisor reviews

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    Originally posted by emberlaine View Post
    (1) ... How do I get in touch with the business owner?

    (2) Where can I file a complaint against this hotel? ...

    (1) I don't know . I would guess the manager is not authorized to tell you too , right ?

    (2) I guess you can report to the Police , but unfortunately I think it is not worth to do it if you don't have a proof and I don't expect the housekeeper will be still keeping your wallet at the time Police inspect her/him .


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      The police went inside the room and checked the area and nothing more. He did a police report and gave a hardcopy. I requested that the housekeeper be investigated but the manager said she is off-duty and cannot be requested to come for investigation. Then that was the end. I read two other theft cases in the same hotel.

      Is there a business registration department in Indonesia or something like a Department of Trade? Where can customers file complaints in Indonesia? Who monitors business entities in Indonesia?


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        I am in Indonesia for almost 20 years and have noticed that Indonesians rarely complain . To give you an example : my ex-father-in-law lives in a big Indonesian city (4th most populated city) but has no piped water normally supplied by a government company . I asked him why he has not have it if some of his neighbors have . He told me that he went to the water company to request a water pipe connection but the company said it was not possible , so he accepted that without any complaint .


        From , April 2013

        [Do You Want To Complain As A Consumer? This is the way
        As a consumer, you have certainly been disappointed about the products and services. Well, the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) is now promoting consumer rights campaigns and consumers dare to complain .

        Director General of Standardization and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) Nus Nuzulia Ishak said there were several stages to follow for a consumer who wants to complain .

        The Ministry also prepares telephone numbers that consumers can use to complain at the Ministry of Trade's Directorate of Standardization and Consumer Protection. Consumers can complain to 021-3441839 (during working hours).

        "First to complain to the business directly if it is unsatisfactory, it can go to the Consumer Protection Society, not satisfied to the nearest Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency (BPSK), or to the Office that handles Consumer Protection in the Regency / City or can get to 021- Hotline 3441839, "Nus said at the" Customer Meeting "event at the Carrefour Store Lebak Bulus, Jakarta, Friday (04/19/2013).

        Based on the records of the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) only 38% of Indonesian consumers realize that they have rights and 11% of them know that these rights are protected by law. This means that there are around 62% of Indonesian people who do not know about consumer rights

        "Knowledge of the Indonesian people as consumers is still minimal, based on BPKN's research, only 11% of the public knows their rights as consumers," Nus said.

        Nus said, many consumer rights are protected by Law Number 8 of 1999 concerning consumer protection. There are at least eight rights that must be accepted by consumers, among others:

        1) The rights of the items purchased must be safe and good.
        2) The right to get true information about the product purchased , honest and not discriminatory or not picky.
        3) The right to choose.
        4) The right to complain.
        5) The right to get advocacy.
        6) The right to get coaching.
        7) Right to get complete information.
        8) The right to ask for compensation .


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          From , May 2013

          [Got bad service, consumers can call 153
          The Ministry of Trade and the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) launched a call center (call center) number 153. This service is to facilitate Indonesian consumers who have a bad experience when buying goods or services.
          Deputy Minister of Trade Bayu Krisnamurthi stated that this call center was the last legacy of the 2009-2012 BPKN management before retiring. He stated that number 153 was deliberately chosen because it was related to the world consumer protection day.

          "153 was taken from March 15, the day of world consumers," Bayu said in his office on Monday (5/27).

          The Vice Minister of Trade said that by reporting complaints to the call center, consumers are guaranteed by the state to get consultation until mediation if they plan to sue producers of goods and services to the green table.

          "If you file a complaint with the call center, the consumer will then get a discussion, then mediate. Both by the BPKN or the Ministry of Trade. This is in line with the consumer protection law, where consumers are entitled to advocacy, protection, and mediation of disputes," he explained.

          Bayu believes, increasing consumer complaints channels will benefit the community. Reflecting on the Prita Mulyasari case in dispute with the OMNI Hospital, a lawsuit emerged from the producer because Prita only complained about her complaint to the public via e-mail.

          "I reflected on the case of Ms. Prita. She complained to the public, instead it turned out that if there were other complaints it would be stronger, then we open as wide as possible," Bayu said.

          In addition, the Ministry of Trade hopes that after the complaints culture grows through these complaints channels, it can further protect consumers. Bayu said that in the future goods and services that violate the rules and harm consumers will be announced in the mass media.

          "We may announce that this item does not follow the applicable laws," he said.

          In addition to the call center, consumers can complain about their problems with goods and services through e-mail [email protected] or hotline: 021-3441839.]

          Poster's Notes :
          - Both articles above were translated at Google Translate . This is the first time I learned about this Indonesian government service .
          - (Indonesian Consumers Foundation) . This seems a non-government entity


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            Thank you, Marcus. Your answers are helpful.


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              Is there an organization of hotels in Indonesia? What is the name of the organization? Thank you.


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                Hi...Emberlaine 😊
                check this > this HTML class. Value is
                I'm native indonesian. From my suggest in this case, try to find international police from embassy. Local policeman here too hard for find the thieft without proof. I'm afraid that room boy is involved. But...yes, pm me if u need to know. Thanks a lot & hope the best way to solve in this case...🙏


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                  Thank you, Aditya. I already emailed the Phil. embassy about this.