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  • Piano moving company in Bali

    I urgently need a professional piano moving company in Bali for my Steinway grand piano. My music room was severely damaged during the earthquakes from Lombok and I need to get my piano out of the building as soon as possible. Does anybody know a company with experience in moving a grand piano and a proper transport insurance?

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    My whole house was destroyed during that earthquake. I lost everything I had but I'm thankful that my familly suffered nothing


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      I didn't move from a part of the world to another but I moved from one side of the US to another (from Philadelphia to San Diego) which is still a big distance but at least is not over the ocean. I didn't have to think about the moving process and panic about it since a paid a moving company to do the job. Well, to be honest, I was a bit worried about a hand made wooden wardrobe that I got from my grandparents. It's a unique piece and I really wanted it in my new house. Even a scratch on it and I would have plucked my hair out of my head. Fortunately, nothing happened, they packed it very well. If someone's interested, I'll leave their link. I was satisfied with their service.


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        Originally posted by Groovers View Post
        I feel sorry for all of you. I moved with my familly from Indonesia to US because of that ...

        You probably know that some regions in US also can have earthquakes . In relation to safety in general , US is not a good choice .

        According to :

        [...The world's 20 safest countries, according to the WEF
        1. Finland - rating: 6.65
        2. UAE - 6.6
        3. Iceland - 6.57
        4. Oman - 6.49
        5. Hong Kong - 6.47
        6. Singapore - 6.45
        7. Norway - 6.41
        8. Switzerland - 6.41
        9. Rwanda - 6.39
        10. Qatar - 6.33
        11. Luxembourg - 6.32
        12. Portugal - 6.32
        13. New Zealand - 6.31
        14. Austria - 6.28
        15. Estonia - 6.26
        16. Sweden - 6.22
        17. Slovenia - 6.2
        18. Spain - 6.16
        19. Netherlands - 6.14
        20. Morocco - 6.14
        Equally remarkable is the UK's lowly position. It's down in 78th, below the likes of Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia and Nicaragua, among others.
        The US fares even worse, lagging behind in 84th, just below Gabon, Algeria and Benin...]
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